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Denver 5 Proof of Concept, pt 05

A few months ago, I and a friend kicked around an aborted comics project featuring superhuman jerks being jerks on a truly superhuman level. Character descriptions are here and the pilot plots are posted below. 

Comic 021
1. Doctor Bob and Giohi are in Doctor Bob's office. Doctor Bob is on the phone. The clock on the wall indicates it's about 1 AM. Doctor Bob's pad is on the table.

Bob (to the person on the phone)
"Really? Yeah. He's here now."

2. Still in Dr. Bob's office. Cyber Paranoid is in the doorway now, curious. Doctor Bob looks at him like the irritant he is. He's got one hand over the phone's microphone to address CP.
Cyber Paranoid
"What's up?"

Dr. Roberts
"Someone died. Go away."

3. Same scene.
Doctor Bob (to the phone)
"Yes. We'll have him ready."

Cyber Paranoid
"Who's dead?"

Doctor Bob (whispering)
"Go away!"

4. Same scene.
Doctor Bob
"I'll contact our legal counsel."

Cyber Paranoid
"Who'll be ready?"

Doctor Bob (whispering)

"Quit hacking my pad!"
Comic 022 
1. Doctor Bob and Giohi are in Doctor Bob's office. Cyber Paranoid is standing in the doorway. Doctor Bob looks focused on his phone call. Doctor Roberts is motioning to get Giohi's attention.

Cyber Paranoid
"It seems like this might affect me."

Doctor Bob
"Oh, no. I understand."

2. Same scene. Doctor Robert obviously has Giohi's attention and he's now pointing towards CP.

Cyber Paranoid
"It's not me, is it?"

Doctor Bob
"U.N.I.T.Y. fully respects local law enforcement's prerogative."

3. Same scene. Doctor Bob is nodding at whoever is on the phone. Giohi is glaring at CP. CP is obviously shocked into stopping mid-sentence.

Cyper Paranoid
"You aren't getting m--"

Doctor Bob

4. Same scene, except CP is bent over, vomiting. Giohi is exactly as non-plussed as in panel 1, before Roberts got his attention.

Doctor Bob
"It won't be a problem."

Comic 023
1. Doctor Bob and Giohi are in Doctor Bob's office. Cyber Paranoid is in the doorway, still bent over vomiting. Doctor Bob is getting up and heading for the door. He has keys in one hand and his grabbing his pad with the other.

Doctor Bob
"Mr. Paranoid, if you're really curious, you can come with me."

2. The room is now unoccupied except for Giohi. If it fits, some flies by the door might be appropriate.

3. Same scene as panel 2. Bob is now poking his head in and locking eyes with Giohi. Make sure that Giohi is postured in 1 & 2 so that he's obviously changed his aspect to meet Dr. Roberts' gaze.

4. Same scene as panel 3.

Doctor Roberts
(2)"You are cleaning that up."

[The (1) & (2) represent two separate but connected word bubbles.]

Comic 024
1. Cyber Paranoid and Doctor Roberts are walking down a hallway in the Denver U.N.I.T.Y. compound. CP is lagging behind and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Cyber Paranoid
"You've making Giohi clean up the vomit? He seems like a guy who could kill us all with a thought."

2. Doctor Roberts and Cyber Paranoid are walking up stairs. Cyber Paranoid is lagging behind and wiping the back of his hand on the wall. He is alarmed.

Doctor Roberts
(1)"No. He has to look at you."
(2)"And he shouldn't have made you that sick."

3. Doctor Roberts and Cyber Paranoid are at an open door. CP is still alarmed.

Cyber Paranoid

Doctor Roberts
"Tyler, we gotta turn you in for a bit."

4. Same as Panel 3. Doctor Bob is leaning against the wall, waiting for Tyler, his pad safely cradled in his crossed arms. His expression is indifferent while CP seems more keyed up and a little frustrated/scared.

Tyler (inside the room)

Doctor Roberts
"Besides, you wouldn't believe how angry Guy gets when I ask him to do stuff like that."

Comic 25
1. Doctor Roberts, Cyber Paranoid, and Tyler Foss walk out of the front door of the Denver U.N.I.T.Y. Facility building. Most of the front is a glass wall that runs up to the second story, revealing an open lobby flanked by staircases in the dim light of the facility that's "closed" for the night.

"I thought I was in the clear."

Doctor Roberts
"A woman at the club died. Overdose on an Ehm-active drug."

2. Wide shot. The three of them walk across a humble parking lot, a simple square that can accommodate about eight cars on each side, with one to three cars currently parked in it. It's connected to the building by broad, curving paths that run to the front door and each corner of the building. It's still dark, and a street light stands at each corner of the lot. There are some lights on the outside of the building as well, illuminating the sidewalk that encircles the building.

Doctor Roberts
"Not related to you, per se, but they're...being careful."

Cyber Paranoid
"Covering their asses, you mean."

3. The three are walking out of a large front gate that's sliding to the side. The facility's walls about about eight feet high and brick, maybe with a stucco finish. It's dark, and a pair of streetlights illuminate large, powder-blue "U.N.I.T.Y." on each section of wall that flanks the gate. A police cruiser accompanied by two police officers is parked at the curb.

Cop #1
"Good evening. You don't intend to resist, do you?"

4. Closer shot, Doctor Roberts is ahead of Cyber Paranoid and Tyler, who are just to the right and left of him respectively. Doctor Roberts is smiling diplomatically, and gesturing to Tyler. Tyler and CP are smirking at each other, perhaps reveling in a bit that the question comes across as a request.

Doctor Roberts
"Of course not. Mr. Foss here will proceed to the station in your custody. We'll follow."

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