Monday, April 29, 2013

Crowd Sourcing

I don't have a proper blog for today. During my interview Friday, it was suggested I review some materials, so working on that has been a priority. I've also lost some time because I tried to work on a new project but woefully underestimated how big and intricate a particular part of the scripting was.

Anyway, I have to make an aesthetic choice related to that project and aesthetics are not my strong point. You see, I have this mask that I need to paint:

Digital touch-up courtesy of Microsoft Paint.

I need the mask to work well with a vibrant green hoodie I have and it needs to balance out black and grey used in other parts of the project (yes, I will be wearing the mask).

Anyway, I rather impulsively picked up paints at the same time I picked up the mask (before any actual design was complete) and I've got these colors to choose from:

Real gold, cartoon gold, silver, ginger copper, Metal Men vomit, copper

I'm happy with the metallic colors and I'm leaning towards MM vomit highlights on cartoon gold, but again aesthetics aren't my bag. I'm quite open to suggestions. If my schedule allows it (and it won't), I'll mock up the front of the mask, do some flood/fill testing, and post the results.

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Derek said...

Without seeing the hoodie in question and making educated guesses about how those colors will look on the mask dry I suggest the following:

Red with Gold highlights if you want the mask to "pop" and be distinct from the hoodie. It will provide a lot of contrast.

Darker green than the hoodie, which sounds like regular green, with Dark Blue highlights if you want the mask to be different but blend with the hoodie.

not a design expert but that is my vote.