Friday, April 12, 2013

Linkstorm: Authority


Unknown said...

I always found the title quite telling myself. I always think of the phrase "Moral Authority" when I hear it, which one might think is what they are. In fact they are the opposite. A moral authority is invested with no power for change, they just claim to hold the high ground (the actuality of this point is irrelevant). The Authority hold the power. The Authority is not Moral. They are the blazing fist of doom that falls upon those who act immorally on a grand scale and pile drives them with a jackhammer dildo. The comic examines what a world is like when our worldly Authority is superseded by a greater power that holds those in charge accountable for exactly the kind of evil authoritarianism you talk about in your video. They are the Immoral Authority, bound not by a rigid code of conduct based on the golden rule, but rather its corollary, As they have done unto others, do unto them. PS: I preferred Planetary myself.

VanVelding said...

Wow. Someone remembered the beginning of this thing at the end. The Authority was just a framing device to establish a theme for a series of news posts.

I might have been tempted to do a real analysis of the name's meaning, but you might have saved me some trouble.

But yeah, Planetary is one of--if not the--best comics out there.