Friday, April 08, 2011

Field Manual Kris: Blogging Updates

The stats are in for March, and let me tell you; the characters in The Prisoner have higher numbers.

The big winners for me, historically have been Linkstorms, offbeat humor, and that strange combination of both: Stormcrows.

I've got some Bladerunner stuff in the pipe, additional scripts from Denver 5, a Lucio Pavlec story, and about two Sunday Morning Soapboxes that need to get done. So, expect more things like those things in the near future.

Also, someone made mention of wearing polyester on deck. Mentioned my jacket and apparently it's not a great idea. I'll be getting with some guys on just what kind of jacket I need to wear, but it looks like I'll have to be doing some rebranding, so I've been looking at jackets.

While it's certainly not going to ever be an offshore jacket, this little baby is pretty amazing. It's terrible, but it's so...awesomely terrible. I don't think it's $135 awesome, but it's tempting none the less.

Speaking of vast sums of money, with the end of my Magic buying hiatus in sight, I'm thinking of preordering the next set (New Phyrexia *fake gasp*) here in the new future and/or making good on that promise to buy DS9 on DVD (I looked into the gold-plated Blu-Rays and it turns out that was something I just made up).

We'll see what happens when I get in...around May 5th now. I'll probably spend some time with family and working a few of my projects out before going back offshore around the 19th. I'll be out for a month, and be back in June. Here's the big part: I may be able to go to a certain State to the West around that time.

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