Saturday, April 30, 2011

Heads Up

I wanted to go on a bit about "Said and Sadness," but I'll do it later.

Next week is (hopefully) my last week out here. That means that a lot of my time is going to be spent working on DnD adventures five and six and the next two The Doom Effect episodes. That's not a lot of time for blogging, but...I think the past few weeks have shown that more is definitely less in the blogging area.

Oh, and I totally have a poll up that you can vote on. I'll try to have one up constantly from now on and post whenever a new one goes up.

Anyway, I'm only planning on having five blogs next week, plus a been-too-long Sunday Morning Soapbox tomorrow.

Be seeing you.

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VanVelding said...

If you're having a problem commenting, try commenting anonymously. I've got no control over how Blogger handles these things, but I can promise a small measure of sympathy.