Friday, April 01, 2011

It's the Magic: Dakkon

I've been trying to alternate serious and lighter Magic cards for these features, but I keep ending up with more serious ones.

There's been some talk of equipment and inefficiency and equip costs. And then I look at a lot of the cards that try to work around that, and I'm not really a fan of either tutor-to-battlefield or tutor-to-equip solutions, but restricted tutor-to-battlefield is something I can get behind. Auto-equip of one kind or another is also pretty appealing.

Dakkon is a dude you may have heard of/seen.

Also, this runt:
I don't want to misread the signals here Korlash, but you're saying I should..."come at you"?

The thing is that these guys are uncommon; they're creatures defined by a piece of equipment they hold. It would be nice if creatures that are supposed to have some badass equipment could get their specific badass equipment without resorting to bullshit.

I think he's under cost. Maybe 2WU with Weapon of Destiny 4? A 3/3 that can 'download' any equipment of note, from Swords to Armors is pretty strong. Even with WoD 4, it can most of the same things that it can do at 6. I dunno.

Of course, before Korlash was a zombie, he had to have been a dude.


Again, under cost considering the power of what he can do. I don't know if 3B might be more appropriate, especially since Heir of Destiny is usually more powerful than Weapon of Destiny.

Finally, the blade itself:

I like my Blackblade. It does a lot of what the original Dakkon does, with a bit of original Korlash thrown in for good measure. The equip cost is pure flavor mixed with me not being certain what the equip cost for this not-Strata Scythe would be.

Also, just to keep things light:

Arc is something that comes naturally from making a card based on giving someone the finger. With a simple swing of the arm, the casual drinker can upgrade flipping off a guy, to flipping off every guy. Sure, you can just use an activated ability multiple times with brute force, or you can super-size by tapping.

This would probably be better off on creatures, as tapping artifacts isn't necessarily a huge cost as they can be untapped more easily than creatures and don't have to worry about summoning sickness. If there's some green creature with Arc-G: Target creature gets +1/+1, then you have to choose between having your mini-overrun, or having him swing in to help(or block).

Another idea might be to keep it on artifacts, but add a rider about how it loses its abilities when tapped, like old-school artifacts once did, making more of an either/or use of the abilities in addition to working the nostalgia angle.

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