Friday, April 22, 2011

It's the Magic: Remember


I've liked Reassemble from Memory for a while. My roommate saw me working on it and asked what it did. I told him it removed the creature from the game when you cast it, then returned it once the spell resolved. "So, it will save it from Wrath of God?" "No." "When what does it do?" "I don't know." It (potentially) saves a creature if you would lose it to a targeted effect. It can even exile an enemy creature if you manage to counter your own spell. Yes, there are more (and probably better) spells to do that, but I like it.

A case could be made that it should be white, and I wouldn't argue with that. I could see a blue version that bounces a creature when it triggers, then lets that creature's controller put a creature card with the same named as that creature onto the battlefield when it resolves. It would be wordier. I don't know if you could do equivalents in Red or Black. 

The original added damage, then removed damage as an instant, which would have been good for walls, but it was certainly outside of Red's purview. I like the current incarnation better. No, it's not even as good as Volcanic Hammer, but it is hard to counter. I'd like to give it more damage, but then I look at Magma Rift, Burn the Impure, and Flame Slash and it seems like even four damage would be pushing it.

The "Remember Damage" part of it doesn't work if you destroy the creature(the spell is countered with no targets), so it's hard to uptick damage to balance that out. Maybe 3 at Instant is the best course after all.

I want you to take a few minutes and imagine that you’re introducing someone to Magic for the first time. If you’re reading this you probably know the game. Imagine someone’s interested and they’ve asked you “What all that Magic stuff is about?” They’ve played a few tabletop games before and they seem ready to graduate to the hard stuff. What do you say? Nothing long and rambling. No paper or cards for demonstration. Just a pitch.

What is Magic?

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