Friday, April 15, 2011

Timewalking Archive Trap: Greatest Idea Ever

What If Rorschach Took Up Gaming?

It was Kovacs who said "Mother" then, muffled under a Doom Blade. It was Kovacs who was put into a graveyard. It was Rorschach who was Unearthed and exiled at end of turn.

"Dan said his Kor Firewalker had protection from red. It didn't have protection from hairspray + pack of matches."
* * *

"Lawter the Paladin moves 6 spaces past cheetos representing dead gobins. Stands in sweltering light of campfire, bloodstains on +2 armor like map of violent new dungeon. Felt smarter. Stronger. More likable, even, from experiences gained rolling high numbers against numerically inferior specimens. Standard Action: Look up at imaginary sky thick with ogre fat. Gods just beyond that, and not even in control. Minor actions now, find in-character reasons later. Born from oblivion; nudge up stats, return to oblivion when Julie takes Dan back. No pattern save what the DM imagines. World shaped by physics of 20-sided dice and ambition. How much experience?"

"1200 experience Walter."

"1200? Hrm. Just 10 more to next level. Lawter sees it is not goblins who kill farmers' children. Not ogres who feed them to dire wolves. It is a GM."


"Morally culpable GM with smallest finger on his left hand broken. Worth at least 10 XP. Need Player's Guide for Character Advancement Table. Adding points to Cha. I'm not in the Paragon Tier with you..."

Malcom Long, DM: "I looked at my campaign and pretended I saw was an epic battle of good versus evil with depth and style, but all I saw was a Tomb of Horrors module. But even that was avoiding the real horror. We were just players rolling dice to move up numbers. We were gamers. Nothing else."

Attending next ComicCon. Kitty Genovese cosplay. Still have dress, after all. Jon says it literally offends on infinite levels.

Keeping sandwich sign. The End is Nigh, even at Comic-Con.

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