Monday, March 18, 2013

It's the Magic: Trackerbymoonlight

Hi guys I'm Tracker by Moonlight. After being given the option many times, I've decided to take VanVelding up on his offer to let me have a post in his blog. Largely this is due to the fact that I find it lacking balance in a certain Magic: the Gathering related area.

It's Magic: What is your favorite color? Black! No...Green! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Black is the best color in magic because it’s fun. Anyone who's spent time gambling will tell you that the roll of the dice or the drop of a single card can make your day, and black frequently makes you go all-in with every single gamble.

Many of the spells in black mess with you just as they cut your opponent to shreds, making each one you drop a hazard that could cost you the farm. Some of these pan out

But others just say, “screw everyone.”

Any decent black deck will be very willing to sacrifice their opponent’s creatures to get their way. Spells like:

allow you to decide whether or not that creature is getting through to deal damage, or simply slaughtering a Minister of Impediments for tapping down your Lord of the Pit, who will eat your opponents face next turn.

Black is also just a complicated as blue and any experienced player will tell you that black can do almost anything that blue can do, but at a cost. This limit really forces you to weigh the cost of every card and effect that you are bringing to the table. It breeds players who will look for the most efficient use of cards. These guys not only get the best bang for the buck, but they are running a turbocharged engine fueled by corpses

Black is the best color in Magic because it makes every decision important. It forces you to play your absolute best. It assists you in your ploys by hurting everyone else who's playing, taking them down with you while you exercise a blue-like control of the game while doing it. 

Plus, who doesn't like cutting down that 8/8 trampler with two black mana?

I had to give black its due. It’s an amazing color in its own regard and deserves a looking-over, but it just can’t hold a candle to green.

Green is the best color in Magic because it is. Seriously.

Many of its primary abilities allow you to draw lands out the deck or generate mana. This cuts down on the total lands in your deck and lets you bring the full green machine to swinging. Using this surplus of green and tasty goodness, you can summon huge creatures that often leave your opponents hunting for ways to stop just one of these behemoths.

Some of these bad boys are enough to give you board presence alone.

Even if they drop the dreaded Doom Blade on your favorite green monstrosity, Green can allow you to Revive it,  drop it back onto the board, and shove it right back in their face.

With the more modern changes to MTG, green isn't all about swinging in with these bad boys though; cards like Pelakka Wurm allow you to draw, gain life, and hit them with a dump truck of pain.

Typically you'll find the guys and gals who play these types of decks swing in with just big monsters looking to wreck shop, but with these updates you often find things like the evolve mechanic which allows your creatures to grow and support each other, making your side of the board even more threatening.

A prime example of only one of these synergies is Gyre Sage and Blessings of Nature

Slap a few +1/+1s on her and suddenly that turn four
Sylvan Primordial doesn't look so out of reach.

Green is the best color in Magic because it puts your opponents on the ropes and helps you keep them there with a host of mana and creatures that they can't deal with, while still allowing you to build some subtle combos that will keep them from coming back for more.

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