Monday, March 11, 2013

It's the Magic: Afterimage

Ever since last week, I've been excited about combining Glitterfang with Burning Inquiry. 

As my two favorite one-drops for red mana, I'm eager to make a card that does a bit of both. Not literally both of course, but a bit of each.

It has a scaled-back version of Burning Inquiry--in that everyone has to draw a card, then discard one at random--but with the swing of making Glitterfangs for each card specifically discarded this way.

This version comes at it from the other angle; a creature that provides potentially unlimited inquiry effects attached to a small, bouncing creature.

Redder than the most, Afterimage 03 has the potential to be large and dangerous. Instead of bouncing, it sacrifices itself, acting more like a random Ball Lightning than a Glitterfang. But the Inquiry effect means that it should be worth something, even if Afterimage isn't big enough to punch through.

Afterimage 04 is all but stolen from Spectacular Pokermancer (linked here). Lets you draw a card and discard a card, but with heavy preconditions. I'm not at all sold on it, as it has a hefty drawback and takes the long way around doing something very simple.

This is an enchantment version that Terry suggested. I have a soft spot for one-drop enchantments that hang around until your deck comes online and this is one. It's not as visceral as the original two cards, but it plays well with a deck that likes them. If anything, it's ominous foreshadowing.

A bit too much. Even when no one discards anything, you get a 0/0 defender that instantly dies as a state-based effect. I'm not sure if the sacrifice effect balances it. Even if it does, it's a bit too busy.

Ugh, Group Play
For posting in a local game store:
Looking for Magic campaign system playtesters.
System requires three decks per side.
Will play here on casual Magic night if I get enough responses.
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