Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Morning Soapbox: The re-view

Monday, I rambled about why I do reviews at all, but I had more unfocused bitching to do on the subject, but why ruin a perfectly good weekday? Welcome to Sunday Morning Soapbox.

Working on a boat, I notice that sometimes people consume media without ever processing it. I’ve had dumbasses on the boat who not only went to see Green Lantern in theaters, but also needed me to explain it to them afterwards and I--a person who has never seen that movie and likely never will--DID. It’s not that the plot was complicated or anything, it’s that this guy saw the movie and didn’t pay any attention to it; it was a series of bright lights and emotional moments that he wasn’t intellectually engaged in at all. It was a very mild hand job for his brain and after all the endorphins passed, he probably got a fucking hamburger and didn’t think of it again until the time was right for him to “me too” up in a conversation about it.

Ugh. It’s disgusting just to think about. Do not conquer stories; do not check off life experiences, declare them done, and file them away to bring up when others want it. Don’t just waste your finite seconds in a euphoric rush to waste the next few. Take your stories people; devour and digest them. Dissect and understand them. Then digest them again like you are a narrative cow.

Go hungry cows! Go!

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