Friday, October 21, 2011

It's the Magic: Ajani, Lucio, & Bolas

New Hotness
Alright, so Innistrad is out. Enjoy that.

This Week’s Best Thing Ever
Ajani vs Bolas is the best ever fight between a furry and a malicious magic dragon you’ve ever seen/witnessed/historically reenacted. Ajani is slippery, but powerful. Bolas is implacable and deadly. That the two decks fight in different game spaces and still manage to...grapple so well creates a feel that I just don’t get tired of.

Maybe it’s just because Bolas wins a balance of the games I play or maybe it’s because these two duel decks just feel right, but I’ve never been as satisfied with a Magic product as I have with this one. Not Alara Reborn. Not the concept of the Eldrazi. Not even Hedron Crabs.


Lucio Pavlec is my go-to character for DnD these days. Instead of doing a meta-character, I've decided that I'll just use a version of Lucio whenever I need to play some 4th edition. (My stand by Gnomé will do just fine for 3.5 until people finally forget about it once and for all).

Lucio is a wizard with a few simple roleplaying precepts:
-Lucio firmly believes he is the best wizard of his generation. He is vicious in his duels with other wizards his age.
-Lucio believes in hard work and the superiority of being a wizard. He is especially vicious in confrontations with sorcerers, warlocks, and other users of lesser forms of magic.
-Lucio will flamewave friends if it will flamewave enemies as well.
-If push comes to shove, Lucio will hit you with his staff. He has killed ogre bosses with his magic stick. He will kill others this way as well.


Lucio Pavlec, Best Wizard has arcane knowledge and power to spare. He knows how to defend himself and how to drop hurt from across a battlefield.


Like most DnD wizards, Lucio's skills are a grab-bag of varied spells that don't always flow naturally into one another. While Lucio doesn't like other wizards, his desire to be the best often drives him to new heights. That spark of passion can get him very far indeed. An alternate version gives him protection from the ghetto wizards; clerics, shamen, and druids.

Lucio Pavlec, Battlemage showcases the fact that Lucio will in fact enter melee. He has an impressive strength score, is highly mobile, and has no compunctions about hitting people with little to no warning, stopping just shy of bloodthirsty.

Lucio Pavlec is also a dabbler in the baridic arts. While some do sing his praises, they often don't do it with that...certain something. As such, it requires that Lucio himself picks up a lyre, dons a fake beard, and sings the praises of the finest wizard of the age. Magic doesn't have much for bards besides healing and control effects. Healing fits the DnD bard style much better. In retrospect, Flash was a bit much here.

Lucio Pavlec as an ally will often hurt you, the operative words being "will" and "often." If you're a fellow spellcaster, expect scorn and derision. If you are not, expect minor to serious burns. Lucio's help often skates at the edges of the definition of the word. And anyone requesting his aid should be careful.

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