Friday, October 14, 2011

The Boxes Precinct, Pt 06

I may have been fully untapped when I came into the precinct the next day, but I didn’t feel like it. The last thing I wanted today was to spend my shift hunting for some rogue scarecrow. I told myself I’d find him misfiled in the Guilded Rows—snicker-snack—and solve a Crazed Goblin assault case or something.

Hung up my hat and coat, and nodded to the desk sergeant. As I proceeded to the stairs, I gave a glance at the precinct’s main dome, smiling at the dim sky beyond the windows at its peak. Past the stairs, I headed for The Marshall’s office, right across the open-air walkway and into The Sanctuary.

Instead of the usual warm marbled office brightened by illuminated fountains flanking his desk, I was met with a thick, cold shadow packed tightly enough to roll out of the room when I opened the door. The Marshall was sitting at his desk, looking as powerless as he could without causing a state-based effect based on his toughness. On the right, studying the small collection, of books, scrolls, and tablets, was another man that I’d only seen in spoilers.

Tezzeret, Agent Tezzeret.” He extended an arm made entirely of a spider-web of metal wrapped around an orb of energy at the shoulder. Waves of distain poured off of him and filled the office as absolutely as the chill he gave off.

I realized that the last thing I had wanted today was to be partnered with a Mythic from higher-up. He was the latest set and--agent or not--didn’t know a thing about The Boxes and never would. With any luck, he’d be Chosen and Played before we even got to the Extended Rows.

The Marshall spoke after giving us a moment of awkward, glare-filled stillness, “Agent Tezzeret is one of the best at finding artifacts. You and he will find this Pili-Pala. As long as it takes.”

I took his hand, feeling the phantom tapping from my nightmare the previous night. I pushed past it, shaking the planeswalker’s hand while giving my best smile.

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