Friday, July 15, 2011

It's the Magic: Boat Drafting

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So, I ordered a set of 12 booster packs from each of The Scars of Mirrodin block. Ideally, I could draft it with friends and become familiar with the rise of Phyrexia over Mirrodin and get familiar with the block. Eventually, I just said "fuck it" and brought it out on the boat to draft solo.

I was going to blog about all of the fun plays and things I learned about Scars of Mirrodin, but I just didn't work. It was boring. Just juggling mana drops and card draw until one side could break through. I had a Rot Wolf versus two other creatures and everyone was swinging all in. The Rot Wolf only lost because the other guy played a Mutagenic Growth that made their infect guy just big enough to get the last poison counter.

It was an ugly win, but then any win with Mutagenic Growth is.

Another time, one deck was 1 life and several creatures while the other deck had 9 poison counters and several creatures. All the first deck had to do was draw a Throne of Geth before the other deck could punch through. It was a tough few turns as I trashed the board, keeping anything from going through. Finally, it was do or die time; the deck's last turn before the enemy's inevitable, unblockable attack. It top decked a Plain and lost. Its next card was the Throne though.

It's like a toilet that flushes down unwanted artifacts.

Ultimately, it just wasn't that interesting. As I was trying to get to sleep last night though I had a thought:


There's a mythic with the ability, but the mystery is so much sweeter.

Seriously, the dude is cool like six cats made of ice.

da-da-da-da BA BA da-da-da-da


This card already exists, in all likihood, but it's text doesn't have a British accent.

Ha, boner references.

Not boners.

 Oh man, you guys, I love this @&#$ing picture.


 There were a lot more, but their text was about this long/silly.

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