Friday, June 17, 2011

It's the Magic: New Phyrexia

New Hotness
Caress of Phyrexia as a super Sign in Blood is fun, and while I've only cast Mindculling once, it came late enough it swung things big-time.  A lot of cards seem to have two things going on, which gives them a lot of versatility, like Vapor Snag. I dismissed it at first because I was only thinking of it offensively, "all upside." After playing with it, it's obvious that you occasionally want to save your own shit this way and if you do that, you have a tougher decision than you would with Unsummon. Oh well, if you make the wrong choice, someone else will take your place. That's Phyrexia for you.

 “Alex, I’ll take ‘Cards I never thought I’d cast on myself until I did’ for 3BB”

Dispatch, Grim Affliction, and Suture Priest were just as good as I thought they would be. Beast Within is also a surprise MVP, though I guess most veteran players aren't surprised that being able to destroy anything on the board is worth giving an enemy a 3/3, but being able to pop your own stuff for the same is pretty nice, especially when you can do it on the fly.

The Splicers are fun. I wanted to make a deck with the (mostly common) splicers I pulled and noticed that one of the precons was a splicers/golem deck. The precon played with more cards from the earlier sets, and benefited greatly from  it, but the decks were still so similar that I occasionally thought I'd drawn from the wrong library. I liked that, but in reality I know it says something more about how linear golem decks are.


People have been raving about Vedalken Anatomist and I knew Viral Drake was good just shy of stupid good, but I managed to hold down a golem board with just those two bastards and a lucky, lucky Solemn Offering (because why wouldn't you!?)

And golem deck or no golem deck, Conversion Chamber is good. I've always felt that the graveyard is better off being one-way, so I'm never a big fan of playing with it. Conversion Chamber has started changing my mind about that. It might be the type of card to change the minds of others like me. If the measure of a  card is that it makes players want to play in a different way, then Conversion Chamber is a card like few others.

The favorite thing I've made from New Phyrexia comes from a mostly-white deck built around using Isolation Cell to make it harder for my opponent to play creatures, Bludgeon Brawls to turn those Isolation Cells into +4/+0 pieces of equipment, and Porcelain Legionnaires for 7/1 First Striking dudes. Plus other assorted guys.

Is it weak against anything that can ping for one damage? Hell yes, but that's how I like it.

"Hey, I can see my viscera-caked hell dwelling from here!"

I'm also learning that Phyrexian Core is pretty good. Sacrificing an artifact to get a life isn't impressive, but sniping a dude out from under a Glissa's Scorn to swing your life up by two points, dropping a Mycosynth Wellspring for the second land that comes when it's trashed, and sacrificing Cathedral Membrane before combat damage is dealt to stop Trampling, Lifelinking, etc. dudes from dealing damage at all...those are incredibly Phyrexian. In fact, I'd say it's almost...central to their identity. Perhaps, the very...core of it? I would shiv my own mother to get Lightning Greaves in this deck.

In Phyrexia, you death to the fight.


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