Wednesday, June 01, 2011

It's the Week of Buried History

It is the Week of Buried History.

June 1-7, every year.

This was not an intentional event, as my 6 week Quinius/Quirinus celebration is, I merely found myself watching Dungeons and Dragons 2, Dark Kingdom, Record of the Lodoss War, Bastard, and The Princess Bride one year around this time and now it's an annual event.

All medieval movies, some have sorcery, but all of them are pretty good. The only ones with a more popular appeal (not for geeks only), are The Princess Bride and Dark Kingdom.

I also saw Final Fantasy VII: Advent anime where even the emaciated, leather-clad villains fail to be hot is pretty dissapointing. Maybe it was because they all looked like they were twelve years old. :,(

With the exception of Advent Children, the Medieval theme permeated quite a bit of this, as well as deep histories that are unearthed (however piecemeal) as the story progresses.

In addition, a conversation and a few other things have put some connections to people, places, and events from my past to rest the past week or so (in one way or another).

It tastes like freedom...and sugar-coated pecans.

US Soccer team. These goddam gatorade commercials make me feel a pang of guilt about not giving a damn about the US Soccer team.

It doesn't change anything...I's a single pang. :P

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