Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Ciaren Campaign: Cartography

The DnD game I've been running that I may have mentioned a time or two has thus far been without a (published) map.

This is that map.

Each square is more than a month's travel time.

Ta'ae(far right) is where the first adventure took place; the characters assaulted the city, fought its defenders, and watched its citizens flee even as their own army was destroyed in the battle.

Lot-U is the subterranean city the players arrive at halfway through the second adventure. It is where, in all liklihood, the characters took a little trip and left a bunch of cavedwelling hippies with a sack of baby Kobolds. It is virtually right under Ta'ae (as in "beneath it"), but is depicted in its own square for the sake of visual clarity.

Caul d'cath (mispelled on the map) is a quiet crossroads town that's only gotten quieter since the start of the war and the drop-off in adventurer traffic. There, the adventurers likely left a mysterious woman with her wolves in the woods around the unsuspecting town. But they totally drove off those Marauders.

Sevel is a trading post/fortress in the wilderness that serves as a source of protection and supplies for the wizards who study and maintain the ancient Gate. It's about two weeks travel from The Gate, but is depicted in its own square for the sake of visual clarity.

The Gate is the destination for the players. While the wizards who tend the gate were tricked into letting the Droves Army through the Gate by the Ciaren commander Behqueru (who died at the end of the first adventure), they aren't exactly Ta'ae citizens and tried to remain neutral in the conflict. That means they may not be too angry since Ciaren still exists and Ta'ae doesn't, but who really knows? I guarantee you right now that the characters' passage through The Gate won't be dependant on completing some redemptive fetch-quest.

Ciaren, the characters' homeland, is, relative to this map, in the nearest bathroom.

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