Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Doom Effect-Enhancement Powers

Enhancement Powers
Enhancement Powers are Quantum Powers based on Mega-Attribute enhancements. They do not have an associated Mega-Attribute associated with them, and if you later get that Mega-Attribute, you will not be able to use them together. Enhancement Powers should only be taken if you want an enhancement, but the associated Mega-Attribute will not be something your character would ever need.
Enhancement Powers are all Level 1 with a Quantum Minimum of 2. Their effects and durations are all identical to those of their associated enhancements, with the exception that any use of their associated Mega-Attribute (either from a die roll or static rating) is replaced with their Power Rating. They are technically called Enhancement Name + “Power.” The quantum point cost for using these powers is a base of 1 unless the enhancement lists a higher cost, and increases by 1 for each extra the power has (with the exception of the Reduced Quantum Cost extra, of course).
Only enhancements whose abilities are tied to their Mega-Attribute enhancements can be taken this way.
Example: Terran wants a movement power that represents the Earth tossing him through the air and  softly gently receiving him several miles away. He doesn’t want flight and never plans to have any Mega-Strength, but he looks at Mega-Strength’s Quantum Leap enhancement and decides to take Quantum Leap Power. This allows Terran to make a jump roll with a horizontal distance of two kilometers per success multiplied by his dots in Quantum Leap Power. It also allows him to make normal Dodge rolls against area and explosive attacks.
Example: Tam controls sound to make his punches extraordinarily tough and strong. He also wants to move more quietly, but he never really intends to get Mega-Dexterity. He wants to get Catfooted Power, but he can’t because the Catfooted enhancement’s effect isn’t based on the user’s Mega-Dexterity score. The same would apply for Accuracy, Physical Prodigy, and Fast Tasks. Tam chooses to take two dots of Enhanced Movement Power instead, multiplying his walk, run, and sprinting speeds by three (1 + dots in Enhanced Movement Power) whenever he pays 1 Quantum Point.

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