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The Doom Effect-Telekinesis/Telepathy

Level: 3
Quantum Minimum: 4
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Telekinesis
Range: (Quantum + Power Rating) x 10m
Area: N/A
Duration: Maintenance
Effect: The character moves things with thier mind.
Action: Full Action
Description: This power allows a nova to move objects and even living beings with their mind.

This is a technique power. For each dot the nova has in this power, they choose one technique which they may use. Novas may use techniques they haven’t chosen, but doing so incurs a +1 difficulty and costs and extra quantum point.

With the exception of Flight, Telekinesis does not have any action/reaction forces associated with it, a character cannot be pulled or lifted by pushing off of something larger than they are or by holding something they are pushing.

You may not have more successes on a Telepathy roll than twice your Telepathy Power Rating.

Blast/Crush: The nova can use their Telekinesis to crush bones and inflict other wounds on a target. Does [Quantum x 2] levels + (Power Rating x 3) dice of bashing damage. It can be dodged normally.

Guide: The nova can guide a physical attack, adding dice equal to their Power Rating to its damage and/or attack. The nova divides up to his Power Rating in dice amongst the attack dice pool or damage dice pool of a physical attack. This is usually a held action triggered by a friendly attack.

Example: Pull-Man has Telekinesis 3 and Guide. He uses Guide to help with the attack of his ally, The Green Samurai. He spends three quantum points adds 2 dice to The Green Samurai’s attack, and 1 dice to his damage dice pool before The Green Samurai attacks.

Levitation: The nova can lift themselves into the air and fly. They can fly (Power Rating x 2) + 20 meters per action, or (40 x Power Rating) km/hr out of combat.

Lift: The nova can 25 * 2^Successes kg. And move it Power Rating x 5 meters as a minor action.
The nova may also use their Telekinesis against a living target as a Hold attack (pg 244), which is sustained as a minor action, as long as it is successful.

Telepresence: The nova can manipulate objects within their Telekinesis range as if they were there. For any roll requiring manipulation of physical objects, the nova may as if they were performing that action. The nova is limited by the smaller of their dice pool relevant to the action or their Telekinesis dice pool, in addition for any other penalties for not being present (being unable to see screens or readouts, not being able to hear warning signs, etc., etc..).

Inherent in Telepresence is the character’s ability to ‘feel’ the weight and resistance of certain objects within their Telekinesis range by ‘frisking’ them. This allows the nova to use their Perception in areas they can’t physically be in, again limited by their Telekinesis dice pool. Note that they can only tell rough masses/resistances of things. If an object resists a telekinetic probe, it could either be very heavy or well secured. A successful Perception roll by a suspicious party can reveal a Telekinetic frisking of a room, though a botched roll can reveal it just as well.

Level: 3
Quantum Minimum: 3
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Telepathy
Range: Variable
Area: N/A
Duration: Variable
Action: Full Action
Description: A technique power focusing on reading minds (if you can believe it). To use Telepathy, roll Manipulation + Telepathy against the target’s Willpower (unless the target is willing), then choose a power to use.

Like other technique powers, you choose one technique that you're trained in for each dot you have in Telepathy. You may use 'untrained' techniques at a +1 penalty and the cost of 1 additional quantum point. Unlike other uses of Telepathy, you must declare what untrained technique you're using before you roll. 

You cannot have more successes on a roll than twice your dots in Telepathy.

Alter Memory
Range: Line of Sight
Duration: Maintenance
Prerequisite: Read Minds & Speak
The nova may alter the subject’s memories. Successes on the roll determine how extreme those changes can be. One success can change trivial memories, two successes can change minor memories such as birthdays and anniversaries. Three successes can pull up important memories like vital personal information and embarrassing secrets. Four successes can change anything; national security codes, dark secrets, and traumas too deeply-seated to even be consciously thought about.

The altered memories only last until the power wears off, though they may be made permanent by spending a dot of permanent willpower. Like Read Mind, the subject is aware of the nova invading their mind and can stall the changes for a turn with the expenditure of a point of Willpower.

Range: Line of Sight
Duration: Maintenance
Successes on the Telepathy roll act as automatic successes versus any attempts for the target to detect the nova. If the target doesn’t suspect the nova is around, then they cannot even roll to detect them.

The use of enhanced senses does not reveal the nova because this effect is mental in nature. However, Psychic Shield dice may be added to the subject’s roll.

Every attack against the target by the nova reduces the nova’s automatic successes by one, until the nova reuses their Fool or becomes visible.

If the target succeeds, the nova is fully visible. If they fail, but are still aware of another presence, they may attack the nova as if blinded.

This power only works against one target at a time, and only protects the nova.

Range: Line of Sight
The character may roll Telepathy versus the target’s Willpower. Successes deal bashing damage to the target.

Read Minds
Range: Line of Sight
Duration: Maintenance
The nova can read the mind of someone. They can’t necessarily talk with them, but the person knows that someone can read their mind. They know who the reader is immediately; if they know the nova, they can put a name to the face. If they don’t, they’ll recognize the nova instantly should they ever meet.
This allows the nova to read that person’s surface thoughts, as well as to find one simple fact per success per full action. More private or complicated facts may require additional successes, and the target may spend Willpower to prevent the release of any facts for a turn.

Range: Line of Sight
Duration: Maintenance
The nova speaks to the target. The target may respond in kind or simply attempt to ignore the nova. A nova may speak with up to their Telepathy Rating other characters, and maintain that connection (either on ‘separate lines’ or on a ‘conference call’) indefinitely, even if the characters are no longer within line of sight.

Other characters with Telepathy may Channel powers through this connection or use Read Mind to break into it with a successful opposed Telepathy roll. Other characters with Telepathy (whether they have Speak or not) do not count towards the maximum characters a nova may support. In fact, multiple telepathic novas may ‘network’ in this way to support a larger set of characters.

May use other Mental powers and Telepathy techniques through Detect Mind, bypassing Line of Sight ranges on many Telepathy techniques. Non-Telepathy powers used this way have a dice pool limited by the character’s Telepathy dice pool.

Detect Minds
The character has Sense (Sentient Minds). The character can also seek a specific mind within the area of their Sense(250 meters per dot of Telepathy). If they seek someone they know, they only suffer a +1 penalty. If they have only a vague idea of who/what they’re looking for (like “hot dog vendor” or “whores”), they suffer a +2 penalty. If they’re looking for a specific person with very little information about them (“the hobo I almost hit while running at Mach 5 last Thursday”), it’s a +3 penalty. One success on the roll gives a general sense of the target's location and direction. Five successes will tell you exactly where they are.

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