Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Field Manual Kris: Blogging

 So, apparently, some people missed my announcement that I was moving most of my interwebs activities from Myspace to Blogspot, so I decided to make a post to that effect to make it crystal clear. Always one to be blunt when I'm not too subtle, I opted to break up my repetition with hilarious Arnold clips. Sadly, Myspace had other plans: shitting directly on things:

http://vanvelding.blogspot.com/ is where all my interwebs happen at now.

You might ask why. Take, for instance, the blog below, which extensively used embedded You Tube videos to liven up this announcement.

It's not revolutionary to allow embedding of the most common video sharing site on the internet.

It's not dangerous to allow people to embed links that actually link to those sites instead of filtering them through your arbitrary safety system. This shouldn't even be a problem for Blogspot, which is one of the most common free blogging sites out there, but as you can tell if you click the link above, it inexplicably is for MySpace.

That you can provide such poor features in your service--which, let's face is just now just a platform for showing commercials for new music and movies to everyone who isn't smart enough to move to Facebook (where they at least get the courtesy of having advertisers hawking their goods by stealing your friends' identities)--in addition to generating a new interface that can't even be bothered to work correctly gives me the impression that you've given up being a serious social networking site in favor of being a social networking site ironically.

Which you haven't. You suck MySpace. You suck so hard. You are the URL for utter disappointment on the internet. You should take your lawyers and sue fail.com for infringing on your intellectual property of 'lacking utterly in success.'

I hate you.
Please die in a server crash.

By the way: http://vanvelding.blogspot.com

Check it out.



I generally update it five times a week.



I mentioned this earlier.



But I didn't really push the issue.



My problem is that I'm too subtle.



It's a side effect of being just so damned subtle.



Real shame, that.


VanVelding said...

My account's still open there so I can catalog and repost my old blogs for my Timewalking Archive Trap feature.


skiltao said...

Wait, wait, wait. Facebook is so visually unpleasant that I was about to move *into* Myspace, rathole that it is. You're saying myspace is even worse than it was *before*?

VanVelding said...

Yeah, that garbled code is what it posted when I tried to do some basic You Tube embedding. The preview had the screens up and everything, but...well, MySpace happened.

That said, it might just have what you're looking for. It's terrible and I while I wouldn't recommend it or say anything nice about Facebook, it certainly has qualities Facebook does not.