Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Strikes in Egypt Ratchet Up Tensions, Evade Attempts at Humor

"Thousands of workers went on strike Wednesday across Egypt, adding a new dimension to the uprising as public rage turned to the vast wealth President Hosni Mubarak's family..."

Aw, man, I thought this shit was cooling off, despite the release of Google Spartacus.

"Strikes erupted in a breadth of sectors — among railway and bus workers, state electricity staff and service technicians at the Suez Canal, in factories manufacturing textiles, steel and beverages and at least one hospital."

This is pretty big. If only there was a hilarious number I could attach to it to comedically emphasize how big of a deal this is.

"Some 5,000 workers at various state companies..."


Well, there's got to be more numbers in this article.

 "In one of the flashpoints of unrest Wednesday, some 8,000 protesters, mainly farmers..."


Egypt. Listen up: If you're going to protest, try to do it in numbers from 9,001 to 9,999, preferably closer to the lower end (but never under!). Those of us in America would like it if the rest of the world would be a little more compliant in how much your very real struggles against oppression, violence, and corruption were made into easy fodder for our entertainment. You're not only oppressed and living on the poverty line despite your leader's obscene wealth, but you're being a little insensitive with these tiny protests.

"In Tahrir Square about 10,000 massed again on Wednesday..."
Close enough guys, close enough.

Quotes from Yahoo News, which in turn is from the Associated Press.

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