Thursday, January 27, 2011

Timewalking Archive Trap-The Blakists Strike Back

So, the upgraded revised Technical Readout: 3050 was once the belle of the Battletech ball. One of the 'mechs featured in the original preview was my beloved Thug 11-E. The treatment seals a deal or two:

The Thug is officially the backbone of The Word of Blake's heavy and assault formations.
Terry: I know, Kris.
Kris: So, you have accepted the truth.
Terry: I've accepted the truth that you were once a Jade Falcon, my friend.
Kris: That Clan no longer has any meaning for me!
Terry: It is the faction of your true self, you've only forgotten. I know there is good in you, the hardiest battlemech ever produced hasn't driven it from you fully. That was why you couldn't destroy my Cobras, that's why you won't turn Word of Blake now.
Kris: I see you have made a Clan design without a targeting computer and pulse lasers. You are indeed powerful, as The Master has foreseen.
Terry: Come with me.
Kris: Josh once thought as you do. You don't know the *power* of Shaun of the Dead references, I *must* obey my master.
Terry: I will not turn, and you'll be forced to kill me.
Kris: If that is your destiny.
Terry: Search your feelings, Kris, you can't do this. I feel the conflict within you. Let go of your Thug-love.

Kris: It is too late for me, Terry. The Master will show you the definitive zombie 'mech. He is your master now.
Terry: Then my Jade Falcon friend is truly dead.

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