Saturday, January 08, 2011

Dream Time

I mentioned some dreams earlier, and since I can't put together a coherent blog on this stupid shooting of the Representative from Arizona on account of how pissed I am, I give you the dream blog.

Dream One
I’m a new Resident Evil (would that be number five?) and I’m supposed to spy on the research lab where Alice works and I’m going through her locker, but I can’t find anything. So I give up and start going about my normal business whenever she rounds the corner and I spaz out, and knock over my locker, which knocks over her locker and a few others. She tells me she had a T-Virus sample in there, and now I’m probably infected. I won’t turn into a zombie though; as an infected, I am sentenced to fight in the arena until my death.

Fuck My Dream Life.

Dream Two
During a conversation on music with two high school seniors.

"I can’t speak to their emotive or musical qualities, but My Chemical Romance is lyrically amazing. People who can’t see that should just go fuck yourselves.”


*Condescendingly exasperated* “Man! Friggin’ kids. I meant those people in general. Not you guys.”

*Somehow totally buying that.* “Oh, okay.”

Me to myself: “Yeah, that was pretty great. Didn’t sound the least bit irrationally defensive.”

Myself to me: “Yup, totally didn’t just cover up a moment of doucheness by blaming other people.”

Me to myself: “Self-five!”

Dream Three
My family is meeting at a mall to discuss something, but I’m tired and it’s boring and I fall asleep. My sister is pissed about it, but none the less, brings me back to my bed on the barge where I’m currently staying.

Dream Four
So I’m in my rack, and there’s a bright, white light just outside of it. There’s something in front of the light, but the curtains around my rack keep me from seeing what it is exactly. The curtain parts slightly and I can see a short, shirtless man whose face is hidden behind the light. He’s far closer than a shirtless stranger in my room should ever be to me so I’m getting ready to fight him when I realize I can’t move.

I wake up for a second, back in my room with just the dull, blue glow from my laptop screen, and instantly realize I was dreaming and I’m almost awake. I relax and go back to sleep before I wake up any more and find that the man and the light have returned. I try to get up and kick his ass, but while I know I’m dreaming, but I’m not focused enough to know that I should be imagining kicking his ass and not trying to do it with actual limbs. I try again and start myself fully awake.

The coolest thing about my dreams from last night is that the last one is an honest-to-god alien intrusion experience. Not honest-to-god in terms of ‘it actually happened,’ but in that the bright light, small humanoid figure, familiar surroundings, and sleep paralysis are all classic signs of dreams that are usually attributed to alien intrusion experiences. I was missing some levitation and actual abduction, but it’s still pretty cool.

Anyone else get sleep paralysis?

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