Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Past Few Days

Since I know only two people read this and I was hanging with one of you since my last blog, and I'm talking to Jordan on IM now, so there's no point in this sentence even OH GOD! WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!

My Texas trip was fun, even if it was short and I couldn't visit Texas Josh or my grandparents on the way back. I got to flirt on my drive back home, which was new and terrible, but hey, it's something.

My current job, which is paying me to work 150% more weeks than my last job, at 20% of the hours, at 90% of the pay (which is around 27% of what I used to make) called me up to get back to work. My old job is offering me 100% of the weeks I used to work, 100% of the hours, and 100% of the pay in about a month. I should be getting a confirmation call tomorrow or Monday. Kinda feel bad about ditching the guys who took me in whenever I the old crew kicked me to the curb, but consider that one hitch at the old place is worth four months at the new place and you'd have to be nuts to judge me.

Nuts and rich enough to command an audience with me. XP

I had some crazy dreams one night that I'm going to put up tomorrow. Sleep paralysis; wiki it.

My relief is immobilized with back pain and there's no backup clerk so I'm up until he gets better (or I leave. Whichever happens first.). My office couldn't decide whether they wanted me to stay for one more night, three more nights, or no more nights to avoid paying out overtime. That means two things, I'm back home for anywhere from 0 to 3 days.

Home smells more like cat poop each time and I swear my roommate's bitching increases in volume to match.


VanVelding said...

Forgot a question, do you like scary movies?

Rude said...

My question...

Are you gellin'?