Saturday, January 15, 2011

Emptying the Tabs

Deadpool as GL - Best thing ever until the actual DP movie.

A Wrinkle in Time - In 90 seconds.

Why Jeffrey Combs should be a geek icon - Because you should already know his name.

Anderson Cooper - Being super awesome in addition to being his regular level of awesome.

Description given: "This is some serious Mario madness." Yes, it is.

Top Gameshow Moments - Warning, these aren't SNL Celebrity Jeopardy, but they are kind of fun.

Ace Rimmer (What a guy!)

As you might have known, Wildstorm, which gave us fine comics such Stormwatch, The Authority, Planetary, The Monarchy, The Establishment, as well as some little-known, not-as-great comics known as Gen 13 and WildCats, shut down in December. While plans are in place to integrate them with the DC Universe at large, it's still a much-hyped event designed to keep those teetering on the edge of self-annihilation due to the end of an era in comics from simply ending it all. The final Wildstorm blog choses their 1,000 words nicely.

Did you know that Knight and Squire aren't just Britain-themed Batman and Robin created by Grant Morrison? They are, but they have their very own butler named Hank who's from America. A butler named Hank from America. Read the review before you buy it, or just buy it. Your call.

The Onion nails it.

Superior blogger Mighty God King has his own take on the Tucson Shooting(naturally).

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