Monday, April 06, 2015

STT: Tal

Tal is a young Ferengi with a dram of one day running a transportation ship in the Klingon Empire. 

Before joining the Academy, he served on a Ferengi marauder under Daimon Clemoff. The older Ferengi mentored him and encouraged him to join The Academy. 

In Tal's freshman year, his study of random information in isolinear databases turned up data that lead to the identification of the culprits of the 2400 Smithsonian Theft. Tal's ability to find patterns inside seemingly random systems was a talent that he honed during the rest of his academic career.

He also put together a betting pool based on his application to the Academy's Klingon Warrior Training Program. His plan was to pass indoctrination and quit the next week, beating the majority of bets and pocketing the bulk through a proxy who'd take a small cut.

As the first Ferengi to apply for the program, Tal was put through hell during the indoctrination phase. After two emergency transports to Starfleet Medical, he was ready to quit and pocket his money. News of Daimon Clemoff's death reached him at that time and he resolved to persevere.

The next three years were nothing but the harshest part of every Klingon ritual the program instructor could imagine. Against that backdrop, Tal volunteered for the salvage team assigned to the crashed Enterprise NX-01. He learned how ships were built from the keel up.

Tal's assignment to the Enterpirse was canceled due to its untimely destruction in 2404. He currently serves as an engineering officer aboard the Taiwan

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