Friday, April 10, 2015

Nations as Characters: Examples

So I'm still on this kick. It turns out that the FATE Core book has an example of this. It keeps the basic skills and includes aspects (of course). I haven't moved onto aspects or stunts yet, but if my interest keeps up, it's the next thing on the list.

Ententé Alliance
Diplomacy: 3
Culture: 2
National Resolve: 2
National Loyalty: 1
Military: 1
Infrastructure: 1

In the original 3087 setting, the Alliance was a small collection of systems carved out just rimward of the old FRR remnant. Populated with Clanners, Lyrans, and Dracs (is "Dracs" offensive"?), the Ententé Alliance citizenry enjoys the wealth and plenty afforded by peace and technological advances.

EA's (I know) strong diplomatic ties with The Ghost Bears, Draconis Combine, and Lyran Alliance--buoyed by technology trades (mostly medical), military cooperation, and intelligence sharing--are enough for the little state to become one of many cross-roads of known space.

Potential Aspect
Doctors of Honor:  Partially because of their extensive genetics program and public services, Alliance doctors are considered some of the best known. While the Alliance has doctors as good as those of any other state, it also produces Doctors of Honor, who participate in a training regimen designed after that of Clan Warriors. While many debate the efficacy of the program, those who have attained the rank of Doctor of Honor are a close-knit, highly-prized few. This aspect can be used on any infrastructure or academics roll dealing with almost any aspect of medicine (Usually an Academic roll).

The Jade Falcon
Military: 3
Infrastructure: 2
Law Enforcement: 2
Mineral Wealth: 1
National Resolve: 1
Academia: 1

Based on Clan Jade Falcon, The Jade Falcon faction is a militaristic, technologically-advanced state that is mostly made up of conquered Lyran systems. It exists under the command of a ruling caste/aristocracy of warriors, whose right to reproduce is based upon their martial prowess. Day-to-day administration is performed by average citizens nominally grouped into a scientist caste, once reserved solely for individuals involved in actual research (While guilty of a great many crimes, the Falcons' greatest might be the elevation of social sciences to the same status as hard sciences).

Falcon political stability is based on expansion, aggression, and a merciless internal control through an uncompromising police force known as The Watch. The ubiquitous military and police presence also comes with a social benefits package which includes mandatory higher education, health, and employment for all citizens.

Potential Aspect
The Loyal State: While most citizens of The Jade Falcon are oppressed natives who would sell out their nation for a few coins, when disaster rears its ugly head, it's Jade Falcon units, Jade Falcon doctors, and Jade Falcon coin that makes things right again. The ruling caste is not concerned with loyalty except for obvious criminal behaviors and insurrection. Those are dealt with quickly and little thought is given to whether or not today's hurricane or meteor strike victims are tomorrow's criminals. This aspect is usually invoked when the state intercedes in a massive, public disaster (including very, very, very large battles to which it is a party, but nothing smaller).

The Federated Hellfire Territories
Law Enforcement: 3
Military: 2
Mineral Wealth: 2
Artisans: 1
Finance: 1

On the opposite side of the galaxy from The Jade Falcon's cool, pristine oppression lies the squalid, third-world oppression of The Federated Hellfire Territories. Nominally democratic, Chram Tait is the de-facto President for Life. While neither Tait nor his inner circle are nobility, they head a nobility-based protection racket based on the corpse of a once-great feudal house. As long as money and troops keep coming, the capitol has little concern about the day-to-day operations of other systems.

None the less, when something goes amiss Tait's black-masked federal agents descend on the scene in force. An investigative militia, Tait's eyes and fingers run the gamut from cold-hearted professionals, to those who get a kick out of authority, and even to loosely chained individuals with the highest levels of aggressive anti-social personality disorder.

That force combined with the FHT's great mineral wealth and positive relations with its neighbors keep too many others from prying deeply into its business.

Potential Aspects
Chram Tait: In his sixty-two years, Tait has worn many hats: outback scum, mercenary, convict, proxy, devil...the list is extensive. His favorite is degenerate despot. His low upbringing, disdain for etiquette and tradition, and his public, base desires often lead others to ignore the fact that it was his treachery, guile, and Cobra missiles that created The Federated Hellfire Territories. Tait is either a PC or a story-critical NPC, but he's also an aspect for the state he rules. This aspect can be invoked when attempting to trick an opponent into underestimating a FHT unit, person, or group, as well as whenever they're springing the trap that comes from that opponent's overconfidence.

The Diamond Clan
Finance: 3
Culture: 2
National Loyalty:2
Academics: 1
Material Wealth: 1

Based on Clan Diamond Shark, The Diamond Clan consists of few worlds. Instead, their trade ships ply the spaceways, trading advanced goods to those worlds and nations they pass by. They have good relations with The Free Worlds League, but average relations with others. Little land lies beneath their flag, but where the technology of others makes accessing a resource difficult or impossible, The Diamond Clan negotiates rights to mine and sells to the original owner at a discount. Consequently, what land they have is of incredible value.

They also export some of humanity's preeminent music, holovids, and novels. Non-Diamonders occasionally have the opportunity to travel with one of the Clan's fleets and usually become minor celebrities at whatever world they depart.

A nomadic life is a dangerous one, and Diamonders are incredibly loyal to one another and to the many secrets of their clan. Their ground forces are small, but are constantly prepared for treachery; whenever a whole host planet may turn against them, killing the goose for their golden eggs. Fortunately, The Diamond Clan's few dozen warships dwarf the numbers held by any other faction and their aerospace assets are second to very few.


SkilTao said...

"Federated Hellfire Territories" was the player-controlled nation, right?

VanVelding said...

FHT was Terry's idea. The Diamond Clan was something I hashed out with Derek. The state he wanted worked with the Diamond Sharks if you shifted things around a bit.

The Entente Alliance was my idea; a tiny, shiny eugenics paradise whose internal contradictions revealed it for the nightmare it was. It's morphed from the original idea entwined with the Gepanzerte Welle.

Jade Falcons are Jade Falcons, so it's just them and the EA that aren't player controlled.