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STT: Eishon

High Concept: Dedicated Romulan Security Officer

Eishon was assimilated by the Borg in her teens. She participated in the destruction of several civilizations and was assigned with tasks related with suppressing other Borg and reviewing transporter analysis by lesser drones.

After over a decade, she was one of thousands saved during Operation Right of Janeway*. She was actually rescued by the Ferengi Daimon Clemoff. When the tide of the battle shifted, Clemoff lost over a third of his crew, but he saved hundreds of individuals. The bounty paid for those rescued more than paid for a new Marauder.

After fifteen years of trying to find a place in Romulan society, Eishon applied to Starfleet Academy. There, she still faced discrimination, but her talents and temperament led to a grudging respect. While still watched carefully for any remission, she has found her place.

Some parts of her acceptance were due to her detection of a lower classman's smuggling of an ushaan-tor onto campus. While her Officer's Hermitage prevented her from following the case through to the end, Thavan ch'Fochi still remembers that she was the one who thwarted his plan for vengeance and almost got him kicked out of the Academy.

She was left on "The Rio Grande Planet" for her Officer's Hermitage. She failed and was forced to survive on the L-Class planet for over a year until the next year's hermitage. Her experience surviving on the world allowed her to lead that year's batch of cadets to their dustoff point. In fact, those she led suffered only two casualties; both lost in an incident on Crystal Glacier none of the survivors speak about to this day.

Trouble: Former Borg
Aspect: I Saved All but Two at Crystal Glacier
Aspect: It Was a Ferengi who Saved Me
Aspect: This Doesn't Seem Right

Will: 4
Fight: 3
Shoot: 2, Notice: 2, Engineering (Transporters): 2
Athletics: 1, Investigation: 1, Physique: 1, Lore (Terran): 1

Refresh: 2
Hard Boiled (Will stunt, see pg 127)
Indomitable (Will stunt, see pg 127)
Strength from Determination (Will stunt, see pg 127)
Better than New (Engineering, see pg 103)

Duty History
Starfleet Academy Class of 2404
Special Commendation for Integrity: Revealing another cadet’s attempts to smuggle a weapon on campus.
Officer’s Hermitage of 2403: Failed
Officer’s Hermitage of 2404: Successful
General Performance: [average]

Assignment: Security officer, USS Taiwan

*Yes, really.

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