Thursday, April 30, 2015

17 to 01: Miri

Whoo boy. Derek finally makes me realize that there's definitely...I mean Kirk and Miri...the writers, they...they apparently shipped this. Not cool, writers of Star Trek. Not cool.

Nothing is cool in this episode. :(

TW: Discussion of sexual assault.


SkilTao said...

I think yeomen are assigned to away teams (in multiple episodes) to keep a log of the expedition.

There's got to be ghost towns from 1660 out Californ-y way.

I suspect Kirk and Miri's relationship in this episode was supposed to mirror Rand's and Charlie X's, and for the pair of episodes together to say something about Kirk's relationship with Rand. I don't think it succeeds, and the awkwardness annoys me too much to consider it for long.

VanVelding said...

Yeah, that makes some sense. If they kept in contact with the ship, the recording would take care of itself. The fact that the ship has no idea what's going on with the away team until they contact them is a great narrative device, but it's not that logical. For the RPG, I've been debating a situation room where the XO oversees the away mission while the captain stays on the bridge to run things.

Or a ghost town set. I'm sure the Westerns of the time had several just lying around.

I didn't think about the Charlie X link, but it's a good one. [Massive sarcasm]Wow, those teenagers, always trying to jump on a thirty-something's dick, am I right, 1960's television writers?[/Massive sarcasm] Seriously though what is up with these stories?

SkilTao said...

I suspect the expedition log isn't being broadcast continuously, if for no other reason than to prevent unwanted/unexpected third parties from listening in.

I think the "coming of age" episode was a stock episode that every series did. Like "the beach episode" in 70s shows, "the childbirth episode" in 80s shows, or "the save the environment episode" in 90s shows.