Thursday, November 14, 2013

Timewalking Archive Trap: Battle-Civ Beta: Special Delivery, World Map

As you might be aware, I've recently redownloaded Civilization 2, one of the top three most addicting games ever created (the others being Minecraft and WoW). It brought up a lot of old memories and a quick search through my downloaded Xanga blog revealed that I'd already blogged about a game of Civilization 2. So enjoy this Timewalking Archive Trap from May of 2007.
Today's bit is a map that serves as a general overview of the world of Dinot. It's informative and portentous.

I figured I owed you all a map of the world. It's clickable, by the way.
The green square is the Homeland map, the first I put up.
The black square is the Teeth of the World map.
The red square is the Strana Corridor map.
The white square is the Persian Bottleneck map.
The yellow square is the Egyptian Border map.
The brown/gold square is the Egyptian Territory map.

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