Wednesday, October 24, 2012

There Will Be Brawl, Episode Four: Strange Bedfellows

There Will Be Brawl is a web series that creates--and then exposes--the seedy underbelly of well-known Nintendo characters with exceptional dedication and insane unpredictability. It's the entire internet in ten minutes. Minus the furries.

This series isn't supposed to be groundbreaking; it's supposed to wrap some established, childlike characters around the pillars of an established, adult genre. But here, it veers a bit into full-on parody. 

Again, I expect the noir cliches, but only when they're played within the skills of their actors, and they went a bit too far here. I miss a lot because because I don't know much about Gannon (outside of slashfics), and this Gannon guy does pretty good with his part, but "we all will burn"? I'm not buying what his motivations are. Maybe I need to watch more.

The cameos are pretty surprising. And the StarFox crew are unique and come out despite the obvious difficulties involved with portraying them.

But again, and I feel I'm going to be saying this a lot if I ever finish this series; I'm anxious to see what the next episode brings. Despite a lot of troubles with the execution, the fundamentals here are solid. If this keeps up, I'm going to have to start describing this series as "the opposite of Battleship."

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SkilTao said...

I agree on all counts. I understood most of the direct references Smash Bros itself in this ep, but had to have nearly everything else explained to me. (Spent *so* much time pausing to read the alley graffiti.)

And I still love how Gannon's "gorilla" thugs are actual gorillas.