Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gross Dreams Lately, You Guys

Below the cut.

Guys, I have been having the worst dreams lately. Monday night, it was Batman graphically biting off Harley Quinn's ear after she cut him up with knives. That was before he prowled through the gallery of Riddlers, one of which was "Puppet Riddler" with strings that cut through his flesh to tie around his bones. Batman was Chris Sims (of course?).

Then on Tuesday night, I had one where everyone in my class at work was supposed to make a fifteen minute video and I made mine and then we watched two of them and were supposed to answer questions on a sheet of paper, but I spent the entire thirty minutes carving and eating meat straight off of some kind of half-dead man/deer carcass on my desk.

I woke up in horror because I failed the assignment.

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