Friday, August 31, 2012

Time and Children

Katie and Terry have been weird about kids in the news ever since they popped one out. I can't really relate, as they're all loud, irrational, and smell faintly of urine.

I think the best analogy is that it's like having a Minecraft world that you're forced to work on during every waking hour that you're not working for money, and then a few waking hours that you should be asleep for. You build a shelter for the first few nights, and eventually you have some plans and look online for some videos to get some fucking direction. There are a few hard and fast rules, but everything else is subjective and everyone is ready to examine a single chunk and offer you their advice on the tiny walls you've constructed to fend of the creepers that are actively trying to blow your little world to hell.

And yeah, it's terrible, but after an alarmingly short period of time, there's a creeping, constant level of paranoia concerning the fragility of your hard drive.

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