Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Linkstorm: How Far We've Come

Eddie Izzard-Loves Britain, plus Olympics.

io9 does a piece on a piece about distinguishing conservative denialism from reasonable, scientific debate.

More riots are going on in France, as the fundamental inequalities that fueled the riots years ago still haven't been addressed. More notable is that President Hollande isn't interested in addressing the underlying causes of this violence, just directing more funding to suppress it when it happens again. Truly, The West has much to teach the rest of the globe about the merits of civilized democracies.

Speaking of which, a school-to-jail pipeline in Mississippi apparently violated the rights of children. Apparently, minors have those too. Black children, in case you were keeping score at home.

There might be a male contraceptive pill coming. Thank ye gods, a +5 save bonus versus the baby crazy. Perhaps more positively, you can't let your douche bag friend blame the girl he knocked-up when he's too stupid to use a condom.

Moscow says no gay rights parades in the name of preserving the public order. For 100 years that's a lot of public order. That and the Madonna thing make me think that maybe Russia can go fuck itself. I'm sorry all my Russian spambots. Your loyal spambot followership means quite a bit to me, but seriously, the guys who run the guys who run the servers that contain you are dicks.

Burma is abolishing media censorship...mostly. It's another big step for a nation on a long road to democracy, something that most folks aren't aware of because of the lack of explosives and gunfire. Well, mostly.

Chile is arresting kids for protesting against the public education system there.

Marriage in New York raised an additional $269 million following the removal of prohibitions of homosexual marriages. Federal law still prohibits recognition of these and other marriages.

A mysterious new computer virus is hitting industrial computers in Saudi Arabia. It actively sends information from an infected computer to its source, and then erases and overwrites the data of the computer it's on. The information sent from affected computers only pertains to statistical data on the files deleted (names, sizes, etc.), not their content. The lack of sophistication and its implementation against the Saudis leads some to believe it was created by Iran, but no one is really sure of who made it or why.

From the file of idiots who think that equality is a zero-sum game, whites in America tend to think that they now suffer more racism than blacks. I'm trying to figure out what the power distribution for non-whites would have to be that they could discriminate against 64% of the country. In order for that math to work out, every bad thing about Barack Obama would have to be true, he'd have to be Anti-Christs #1-#17, and possess all the demented powers due him as the bastard off-spring of the unholy union of Cthulu, Doctor Doom, and Gul Dukat.

As it is, I think my fellow white folks need to toughen the fuck up and quit whining.

Leno took a pay cut to help keep his staff on. On the surface, it seems like a nice thing to do, so I'm not really going to question it.

Oh, and my computer is so old and laggy, I'm going to have to replace it soon. Thankfully, this article about the living hell that is Dell customer service popped up, reminding me of my past customer service experience with them and why I should not consider buying one of their computers ever again.

Because they are shitty, cut-rate idiots.

A woman is getting fined $600 for giving sandwiches to kids.

The Sikh shooting from a few weeks ago was not an isolated incident. There's so much I want to say about this, but for now, if you're going to hate someone, do a little bit of research. Your anti-Islamic shooting rampage won't do much if you're not shooting Muslims.

I mean, you shouldn't be shooting anyone, but if you're doing to be so passionate about something that you decide to deprive other people of their lives, maybe you should commit to making sure you're taking shots at the people you're demonizing.

There's a petition to form a sex registry for the armed forces. Sure, you can close ranks and take a guy's word over a woman's...until it's revealed that he's had multiple charges from different females in different commands against him. How this isn't already in place is mystifying. Sign it.

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Derek said...

as our group's resident 'computer guy' I feel as if I should make a recommendation here about a new laptop.

Asus and Lenevo are tearing up the scene but are still low price. I'd check out and see if you can get the specs you want for your price range.