Friday, August 10, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2011: Editing is Complete

I just finished editing my NaNoWriMo 2011 work, Denver 5. I'm currently revising it, which includes adding (some) pieces I haven't written yet, punching up the parts that are written, and working out basic grammar, continuity, and typos. 

Once I'm done with that, I'll be ready to put out another version for folks to read, with the intent of getting feedback from them. My overall plan is to cycle through editing/revision and feedback cycles before calling it complete in a few months (possibly a year or so). For each cycle, I'd like to get one person who is intimately familiar with the source material (you know who you are) and one to two people who aren't so familiar with it to read and give some feedback. Ideally, each cycle except for the last will let me get feedback from people who haven't read it before, ensuring I can keep fresh eyes on it. The last cycle will be a "general" release so that everyone interested can give some input on the final version (not that I'll be super-worried about feedback at that point).

Long story short, if you want to read about super-folks being jerks assholes in a team origin story obviously written by a 20-something white middle class American dude*, then let me know.

1) I'll mail you a printed, hard copy in a three-ring binder and arrange some included return postage. I can do an electronic copy, but the hard copy is a must because:

2) If I'm gonna pay to print, "bind," and ship you a 97-page booklet, you gotta be invested enough to read it, legibly mark it up, send it back to me, and be willing to arrange a conversation with me where you articulate your response to it (via phone, chat, skype, whatever).

3) This really only applies to folks I know in real life who already talk to each other about mundane stuff, but because I need fresh eyes on each revision, going to ask you guys not to share.

Anyway, comment, email, text, or hit me up on twitter if you're interested. First come first serve, just remember that because my current habitation, employment, and mood are determined by a series of daily 1D6 rolls, it might be a few weeks before any of this happens.


*Niche markets. Am I right, guys?


derek said...

I am in.

Heh, I'm a niche market

SkilTao said...

I'd like to read and give feedback, but I just restarted classes and am too disorganized to commit to anything right now. Maybe in a few weeks or months.

*Unrelated thing about niche markets: a few things I've read in the last four years make me think that South America and the non-Chinese, non-Japanese bits of Southeast Asia could be useful niches to aim at. I don't particularly want to write, design or produce anything for those markets, mind you, but I'm awful curious to know how one would go about doing it.

VanVelding said...

Good luck with school man.

The niche market remark was actually sarcastic. As I understand it, in the US, white dudes are a sizable market.

I guess if I was going to study markets across the world, I'd start with analyzing popular forms of US media standbys (Like Superman, Coca-Cola, Mickey Mouse) and see what alterations have worked and which ones haven't. Then, I guess I'd talk with "average folks" and see what appeals to them about indigenized [not a word] and/or US versions of those standbys.

Spitballing though. :-/