Friday, August 17, 2012

Minecraft Tour, Part 6: Even If It's Through Our Deaths, This Will End

If it's one compulsion that no Minecraft player can resist, it's sharing their Minecraft world. We spend stupid amounts of time collecting resources to make functional structures, fantastic monuments, and the occasional erection that melds both into something whose magnitude is reinforced with every use. Sometimes, the exotic landscape generated from basic blocks through simple algorithms is worth sharing with others.

Through The Nether Gate is the nether. I keep nether gates in my central base and by each of my eastern and western bases. This is the run from my eastern base to my central base. Traveling 1 block in The Nether is equivalent to eight blocks in the overworld, so it's quicker to get around. Once you get into it, though 90% of it looks like this.

The other 10% of the nether is these fat, floating octopi fuckers called Ghasts who shoot explosives at you with disastrous results. For example, this used to be a flat plain.

From the top of my central nether base, you can see the road I built over an ocean of lava reaching out to the west.

Back by my central base (you can see the tower I climbed on the first installment of this cursed series), is my aquaduct.

By using steps, I can have water flow down from just a few blocks. It's a principle I'm currently using to irrigate a large biome world that's low on water.

This is my underwater lava shelter I passed by in the second installment.

It's made of glass and illuminated by lava.

It's awesome.

Finally, there's the tower. This tower represents the maximum amount of stuff a minecraft character carries around with them at any one time. That's a big backpack.

Anyway, that's all of it. I grew to hate this series somewhat more quickly than I usually grow to hate things. If I ever consider doing this again, tell me to fuck myself. New filler here next Friday.

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