Wednesday, January 11, 2012

GoMnomnom: Sunsets on the Shipyard

Everyone thinks that the new year is a time to do something different with their lives. It's an arbitrary line that people take as permission from heaven to begin changing their life for the better or maybe a point at which they feel obligated to examine their actions from the last year.

I don't adhere to that; I've had my life uprooted and overturned in all four seasons, with and without cause. If change is going to roll out of bed and randomly decide to find us for a visit, I think we're entitled to hold a four am fire drill in it's apartment building.

To that end, I've decided that 2012 is the year I go back to college and finish my degree. Once. And. For. All. I've put enough cash away that I can afford to go back and finish up and live for a few months without the hassles of a full-time job. I have to cut back on the luxuries, but it'll be worth it to finally have a degree and be able to

...let's face it, I'm pooping myself right now. Pardon me while I gush about incredibly obvious things. Having offshore money is awesome. Having money period is a great comfort. Money is power and having the power to handle things that come up is just such--say it with me--peace of mind. I don't have any ideas about what I'll be doing with my degree, but my goal is to make the kind of money I was making while I was working offshore (actually, working offshore is still in the cards, it's just not my first choice).

I don't know what kind of work I'll be doing while I'm in school. I don't know if I'm ready to get back to school. I don't know if my degree will do anything for me or what will happen if I fail a class and have to take another semester or if this school will fuck me over. I don't know where I'll be living in two months. I'm going to a certain state to the West in a day or so and unless I end up living there it'll be the last time until I can get my feet under me financially again.
Everything up to the end of this--a first and final--semester is pretty hazy and everything after that is virtually opaque. 
Still though:

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