Monday, January 16, 2012

GoMnomnom: It doesn't get blogged anymore...

Last week, Kris mentioned how he quit his job to go back to college and how torn up inside he was about it and all twelve of you had a good cry about it. Since he &@#$ed up talking about his last hitch and torturing you with slides of the same, it falls on me to get this done.

I'm only doing the torturous part, naturally.

I hate it when water's this calm. You can still drown a man in it, but then, you can drown a man with a sippy cup if you know what you're doing. Waves add the sort of random element essential to taking aquatic interrogation to the next level.

This is a picture of the sun setting on his last boat ride. Before you think it's too beautifully symbolic, remember it was taken with a camera phone, so it's only classier than about half the world's pictures of my @#&*.

This one's the eponymous shipyard from Thursday's blog. Think of a shipyard as a combination business park/garbage dump. With water. I guess he wants you to know he used to work at the equivalent of a flooded back lot at your local mall.

Before I go, two more things:
1) I'm apparently @&#%ing a guy named Andrew now. Don't make jokes; I made them already, in my head, a million different ways while you were processing that.
2) The chin spike stays. It's a practical element of tactical carbon armor. I DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN IT! I HAVE A COMPUTER BRAIN!

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