Monday, January 23, 2012

Field Manual Kris: A Certain State to the West

I spent a week in Texas. Since I'm not working now, I'll be moving out of my apartment and over there with Terry and Katie when either my lease is up or my roommate finds a new sucker to take my place. This trip was definitely a dry run for that. I mean, once I live here, everyone's going to need more space than we usually get for a week-long visit, but that's an issue for March.

I also introduced Terry and Katie to Zombies!. Terry suggested that we begin playing Pandemic and only only get around to Zombies! if we lost the game. I tried to explain that the length of Zombies! precluded mixing it with anything else, but when it comes to zombies, the only substitute for experience is experience. Eventually (all Zombies! games finish in the time frame of "eventually"), because I had a lot of nothing to do the next day and didn't want to miss any of it, I helped Katie to the helicopter so we could all get some sleep.

We hit up some Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay which at my last count involved seven different types of dice, plus assorted heaps of counters and cards. Widgety as it was, the game was good times and the game aids did a lot to keep the focus on roleplaying instead of getting bogged down in system overload.

Anyway, we watched a lot of Community to the point that we had to declare an hour-long hold on quoting, referencing, or watching Community under penalty of death. I barely survived, and we'll all miss Terry.

When it came time for me to go, my blazer's battery was dead. I had planned to head to Houston that night, hanging with Josh for two days, then catch a quick coffee with Ocatvio (sorry I forgot your Christmas gift, buddy), head to Dallas for the weekend and finishing up my trip with a day or two with my grandparents in Beaumont.

Christian Brothers were really great about getting a tow truck, being up front with the prices, and keeping in touch with me about what was going on. They even picked up the phone when I called after hours (If you work retail, I know you think I'm just making shit up now, but it's so unbelievable, I couldn't make it up. I'm not that creative.). The next day, I was on track to Houston with a new battery when the master cylinder for my breaks gave out. Luckily, I was in a plaza with a Firestone and a Subway, and my biggest challenge was not looking like an unshaven hobo while I ate my chicken teriyaki and waited for Josh to pick me up.

I inducted Josh into the Cult of Community and we played a few games of Magic, including a duel with EDH (which I hate doing, but I did to further my image as a good friend.). Then we showed each other Minecraft worlds, which is probably the most intimate moment I've had with another human being since August (#whitepeopleproblems). I was stunned that his world as so...alright, all the adjectives I have after that intimacy line come across as double entendres.

We should just go for a walk, clear our heads and come back Wednesday.

...really? We're doing that on Wednesday?! Lame.

Monday, then. Later.

...also, I'm sorry, this is late.

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