Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Megas XLR Wednesday

I like Megas XLR. Yeah, it's mostly sci-fi references wrapped around three stereotypical characters and plenty of giant robot fights. But if you like sci-fi references, giant robot fights, and characters who are 90% stereotype and 10% surprisingly deep character built within that framework, you will like Megas XLR.

I daresay, you will dig it.

Most episodes start with Coop either training in Megas or doing something mundane/stupid--trying to stuff themselves for Thanksgiving, trying to get pay-per-view wrestling on satellite, putting easy cheese into the components of Megas, buying a mega-slush. Kiva offers some commentary on the excesses of modern culture, then their actions either gain the attention of a giant robot/space monster or lead them to giant robots/space monsters. 

Quips are traded, plots exposited, and Coop destroys a few dozen/hundred/thousand mook-bots/monsters and half of whatever he's protecting. The great thing about Megas XLR--aside from the relentless subversion of giant robot tropes--is the application of normal life to the ownership of a giant robot, the magnificently self-centered, first world attitudes of Coop and Jamie, and the creation of a strangely consistent universe where idiots can destroy a universe by accident, living robots vie for inherited titles, and you can go to a junkyard planet and ask if they've got any parts from the future lying around.

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