Thursday, September 22, 2011

Penny Reviews: The Reboot

Justice League International #1
Booster Gold, Guy Gardener, Batman (of course Batman) and an unhealthy level of nostalgia for the previous JLI prompted me to try the new one. The team's foundation is vague, but hopefully it'll be revisited and some of the Chinese and Russian stereotypes will simmer down. It's not explained what The Hall of Justice's history is that makes it so contentious, but that's the forth central conflict the issue presents while still cracking jokes, introducing the cast, and doing everything else a first issue should do, including addressing potential fan outrage. It's just good comics and fits the reboot. B-


Stormwatch #1
The Engineer looks like she's overcome serious birth defects, Jack Hawskmoor is Jeremy Piven's doppleganger (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), there's a guy who's superpower is a sword (which is necessarily a bad thing), Jenny Quantum is British, there's a pointless fight between Martian Manhunter and Apollo, Midnighter sucker-punches everyone under a bus, we're introduced to characters' abilities via dialog amongst characters who then bicker about how they already knew that, and I'm still not sure why Travis Tritt is in Stormwatch! It keeps the manic, big-screen vibe of Stormwatch/Authority, plus Giles Savage and Girdle-Woman seem pretty cool. C
Yes, I'm 90% sure that's Travis Tritt. No, I'm not telling you his powers.

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