Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Megas XLR Wednesday

I like Megas XLR. Yeah, it's mostly sci-fi references wrapped around three stereotypical characters and plenty of giant robot fights. But if you like sci-fi references, giant robot fights, and characters who are 90% stereotype and 10% surprisingly deep character built within that framework, you will like Megas XLR.

I daresay, you will dig it.
This is the setup for most of the series.

Here's the rundown(in case you were feeling lazy): In the future, humanity is losing a war with an alien race known as the Glorft. The humans steal an advanced Glorft prototype mecha that can be sent back in time to change the course of the war, but the Glorft attack, following Kiva (pictured above) and the prototype (spoiler: It's Megas) into the time rift and destabilizing it.

Megas is found by Coop (pictured above), who fixes it up as anyone might fix up a hot rod they found in a junkyard. Years later, Kiva and the Glorft emerge from the time portal and learn that Coop's modifications have made it impossible for anyone else to pilot Megas. 

Also, Coop's an ace pilot because he plays video games.

He also has a mild case of "stupid." Not Inspector Gadget stupid; just mild stupid. 
Quotes aren't from the series unless noted otherwise.
Since I'm doing a weekly feature on how awesome Megas XLR is and how you should download it on iTunes and/or Zune (but probably iTunes because I have a hard time believing it could be worse than my experience with Zune) and doing so with Faulknerian sentences sandwiched between pics from the show, I had an idea:
Gorrath, the Glorft leader. Voiced by Clancy Brown, aka The Kurgan, aka Lex Luthor

I've picked up a number of readers over the past few months. Not "a lot" a lot, but enough. Instead of spamming pics from a 30 minute long show and revealing the best parts, etc., etc., I'm posting screen caps at the end of each post which contain the authentic emotion and zany action of Megas XLR, then I'll take shopped/captioned submissions from folks during the week, and use those in the next blog. Just comment or catch me on twitter to submit a shopped picture of Commander Gorrath up there (don't forget to include your handle and/or website you want me to credit).

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