Thursday, September 08, 2016

17 to 01: All Our Yesterdays

The only multi-episode story arc of Star Trek is resolved here. There's so much to like about this episode. I mean, yeah, part of the conflict is caused because people won't stop doing things for sixty seconds to explain to one another what's going on. And yeah, Kirk ends up treading water for the B-plot, but...

It's good, okay? Trust me, it's good.

A BAFTA is a British Academy of Film and Television Arts award.

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SkilTao said...

Continuity! This is the same star and planet they were headed to in Turnabout Intruder!

Me too, +1, etc. on Kirk's jailbreak. That is a really great bit.

McCoy's racism saves the day!

EDGE OF TOMORROW YES I can see Derek's point, most Tom Cruise movie trailers don't grab me; though like you say, he's the only one taking chances so I should try them anyways (they can't disappoint me more than Cloud Atlas did).

Talkin' about people being old, the "Shatner, the Fonz, George Foreman (of grill and vs Muhammed Ali fame) and Tom Bradshaw tour Asia" TV show tells me that Shatner was born the same year the Star Spangled Banner became our national anthem.

whoa, so it's just the Big Three, a honeypot, and a faux-antagonist they copy-paste a couple times. There's almost more sets than there are actors.

"But the Enterprise can rescue Zarabeth by using a gravity whip to time-travel--what's that you say? You need an UNEXPLODED star to do that? Awww..."

VanVelding said...

I just re-read the synopsis of Yesterday's Son and they use The Guardian of Forever to go back for Zar. Zarabeth...not so much. :-\

Maybe if she'd been a telepathic, Vulcan version of Conan they would've gone back for her.