Thursday, September 15, 2016

17 to 01: Season 3 Supplemental

This is not the end: We'll be around for The TOS Era: Supplemental after watching Star Trek IV: The One With The Whales.

Suggested Eras for Star Trek:
1966-1986: The TOS Era
1987-1993: The TNG Era
1994-1999: Maximum Trek
2000-2008: The Lost Years
2009-Present: NuTrek

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SkilTao said...

...ohhh, IDIC not Eddaic...

Probably seven years ago I watched all of star trek through from beginning to end, and it's interesting to see someone else doing the same thing, especially someone who's almost brand new to Star Trek, in combination with someone who knows more of the surrounding lore than I do.

My normal reflex is to watch for elements of parallel structure in the story (things like YarRoKira, or Tasha's homeworld being a callback to "Spock's Brain"). Trying to come at it from your angles instead (the social themes and the sci-fi-ness of the plot elements) is making me smarter in a way that, for instance, writing code or doing my BattleTech analysis doesn't.

VanVelding said...

That's really good to hear. I know it sounds kinda trite, but it is honestly good to hear someone say that. I really appreciate you listening and giving feedback all this time.

Legit panicking about what I'm going to do when we get to TNG and there aren't as many resources for reference.

SkilTao said...

You're welcome!

I got nothin' for Star Trek resources. Would advise if I could.

PS: heh, "Maximum Trek."