Thursday, September 22, 2016

17 to 01: Yesteryear

The episodes of The Animated Series are kinda short. "Yesteryear" shows how that can be used as a strength. This is a strong start but the content we're watching is gonna have a long slide in quality until we hit the good Star Trek movies.

I was almost right about the hard cuts. A hard cut is a scene transition without a transition effect. So no scenes in Star Wars ever. Also, Juno Beach was the Canadian landing zone on D-Day. The American beaches were Omaha and Utah. The UK beaches were Gold and Sword.

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SkilTao said...

It is fun to see StarFleet once again casually fucking with history. I feel like the writers missed a trick in never doing a story about our heroes traveling to & messing with the future timeline; but having everybody's futures determined by just a couple of people could undermine Star Trek's theme of self-determination.

Spock going back in time to help himself- another good bit NuTrek swiped from TOS/TAS. Interesting though that nobody in nuTrek's future considered the planet Vulcan worth going back in time again to save.

It *is* interesting that a nominally nonviolent society teaches their children the Vulcan Neck Pinch at such an early age; I wouldn't really expect compulsory self-defense training unless it was needed. I guess you could argue they need it for protection against the wildlife?

I have not seen the revived Voltron at all. Worth seeing?

VanVelding said...

Technically, they're observing, but it makes sense they'd stop it since they constantly seem to step on butterflies. Get it together, Starfleet!

I never considered a bridge between 2009 and TAS, but I can see it. I didn't see Into Darkness or Beyond and I saw 2009 in 2009, but Spock did go back because The Romulans went back with their...exceptional plan to kill Vulcan and Earth instead of saving Romulus. Alright, I'm getting the headaches again.

Maybe the neck pinch isn't a martial skill--though it obviously is and is treated as such in every supplemental material--and being able to knock people out with the technique is something kids and desperate adults do. Like using literacy to write rude words on bathroom walls.

SkilTao said...

Kind of, "if you're going to be uncouth, we might as well teach you the least violent way to do it," eh?

Maybe it's part of their treatment for those headaches.

VanVelding said...

I was thinking like, "here's a set of nerve clusters common to a frighteningly high number of life forms."

7-year-old Vulcan nerd: "Teacher, if you were to apply pressure to those five points, would it not cause the recipient to immediately and harmlessly loose consciousness?"

Vulcan teacher: "As an educator, I must not lie to you. Don't do that."

7-year-old Vulcan troublemaker at recess that same day: "It's logical any one of us might need to utilize this knowledge to save our lives some day. We should practice now."

*commence the shortest recess of the Vulcan school year*

SkilTao said...

Could definitely see that as a B-plot in an Adult Swim version of Star Trek.

...which I guess would basically be Futurama? A B-plot in Futurama, then.

VanVelding said...

Perfectly at home in those uncanny valley Robot Chicken sketches, yeah.