Monday, July 25, 2016

Ghostbusters (2016)

You know I take notes while I watch movies because I can't ever enjoy myself so here are my notes for Ghostbusters, which I got to see on opening weekend. As always, notes made after the fact are italicized.

Ice Age: Which Ice Age is this, 11?  12? We need to get Dennis Leary better work.

Suicide Squad: I am not the idiot they want to watch their movie. 

Star Trek Beyond: Just a title card and not a full trailer then. It comes out in a week. Ok.

Nerv: Stupid, high-concept movie with pretty, young people. This might be the most intriguing trailer of this whole lineup.

Maui: Seems nice. It looks like a Disney movie.

Bridget Jones' Baby: Like Chasing Amy, it's another movie that can be resolved with a three-way. But since it won't be, let me save you 90 minutes and a trip to the theater, "LOL, she don't know who the daddy is!"

Sully: There's no reason to ever make or see this movie. We all like Tom Hanks though.

Trolls: Okay, a reason to see Sully is that the alternative is seeing the troll movie. 

I would love to stop this feeling.

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk: Fooball, army, funerals, media criticism, love interests. All boxes checked WE GOT A GREEN LIGHT FOR AN IRAQ WAR MOVIE!

Half a point for having a long title. Half a point for another Kristen Stewart movie of consequence which I kinda want to see but don't. Minus five points for being another movie about how idiot civilians shouldn't masturbate to an unrealistic concept of US soldiers that idiot civilians will still use to masturbate to an unrealistic concept of US soldiers.

Another DaVinci Code Movie: Actually, we do not like Tom Hanks anymore.

We're starting off real quick with the light horror. This actor is holding a heavy burden, carrying the first scene of the first Ghostbusters movie in 27 years.

That is a Ghostbusters portrait.

Nice Spengler bust.

Is this Dopinder from Deadpool? (It is and his name is Karan Soni)

An engineer and a scientist? Star Trek has taught me that that's a pretty good team. It's later revealed that the movie is not aware of this distinction.

Amazing mutual need here. Not friends. This is how you do a contentious relationship where people eventually work together...Star Trek (2009).

The tone wavers a bit sometimes.

They said Holtzman steals this thing and she does.

Wait until you're tenured, Abby Yates.

"Every crack" - Dead silence in the theater.

A prisoner. That's a great link to the originals. It's a classic ghost type, but yeah.

I don't need origin stories as a rule, but to the defense of this movie, the original never showed where all of the concepts and imagery came from.

You cannot smell isotopes.

He's going to Queens. No, that's really how the subways run. That ghost is gonna be on that train 'til he transfers and comes back. An hour, minimum.

It's a bit slap-sticky.

This guy is great as Rowen. It turns out Neil Casey is an SNL writer.

Kevin's great.

The Fall Out Boy version of the theme song is a burning fucking wreck--it's really. Really. Bad. But it works great in this context.

That thing where you hold the proton pack over your head and fire down is dangerous Patti.

Maybe I shouldn't say anything because they throw Patti under the bus a lot in this scene.


"Mass hysteria" I can't pat every call-out to the original on back here, but this is a subtle one.

I don't think any of the phenomena mentioned in the mayor's office are real. :(

Cecily Strong: Mayor's Aide

Glad that Patti is bringing this plot together.

There isn't much of an idea behind this movie because it's a fun comedy, but the light touches about folks who react in different ways to shitty things that happen to them are good. I mean, Rowan is obviously wrong because it's wrong to kill yourself and become a giant ghost that destroys New York City, but the Ghostbusters never really explain what it is about their world that's worth saving except maybe each other...and Holtzmann.

In 2016, you want the black person in your movie to say more than "he dead," but Leslie Jones is really good at saying "he dead."

Good. I wasn't quite sure that was going to be a fake arresting. Ghostbusters get arrested a lot!

Classic wide shot of ghosts manifesting around New York.

Ghost montage. I kinda wanted more. The ghost brawl we get later qualifies.

Slimer is an asshole and not a pet ghost. Love it.

Chekov's Swiss Army Knife

Okay, that looks like a setup for a "Thriller" dance number which got cut for good reasons. Would've been fun but...we've established the villain doesn't do pop-culture references so why? It was the Bee Gees' "You Should Be Dancing."
Rowan is kinda useless in this fight, just saying cliche villain things.

This fight choreography could be better, but the fight is fun.

I'll accept that Rowan can't/won't just control the Ghostbusters.

Crossing the streams is not a thing here and that's fine.

Spectral nutshot. This movie would be a bit better if it'd aim a little higher than groin jokes.

This ghost world bit is...less than I expected of our first look at the ghost world in a movie.

Are there not military guys there to help? Guess not.

I was wrong. Kevin's kind of a douche.

These city lights giving love to the Ghostbusters are a wee bit much. Like, half as many would've been fine.

Good movie. I heartily recommend it as a fun night out.

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