Thursday, July 14, 2016

17 to 01: The Lights of Zetar

Lt. Mira "Crunches" Romaine is someone I wanted to see more of, but since she's just a shoehorned, one-episode, disposable love interest we don't. Of course, if Chapel and Uhura can't get any decent characterization, I don't know how I can expect it of anyone else.

Did we learn our lesson from the space ghosts in this episode? I feel like we didn't, but maybe someone did?

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SkilTao said...

The lesson is "if you love hard enough, you too can survive the destruction of all corporeal life." Right? Scotty never dies, he just becomes a force of nature?

Starfleet is the best at background checks. Guess they care less about your history than making sure you're properly indoctrinated into StarFleet ideology.

It's nice that they finally acknowledge how much weird shit the Enterprise goes through.

I wonder if Memory Alpha is where FASA got the idea for Star League Memory Cores... I did not pick up the Library of Congress / Warehouse 13 connection; and good call on all the wacky super-tech getting erased so it's not around for TNG to use.

Scotty's romance in this, I wonder how much TNG was looking back to it for Geordi's not-romance with the holo-copy of that one hyperdrive engineer.

If you somehow transformed the Enterprise into an actual woman - like TNG did for Riker - you probably *could* get Kirk and Scotty (et al) fighting over her without making it a Mary-Sue plotline. Even could have worked in that "too young for you, quit hassling me I'm-a do my own thing" thing.

VanVelding said...

Scotty Ascendant does not contradict canon in any way.

The destruction of Memory Alpha doesn't explain away Lester's mind-switching device, but since everyone seems a bit less credulous about the principles of mind-melds and brain-swapping in TNG, maybe that's okay.

Man, making a TOS Minuet for Kirk and Scotty to fight over would be 100% in the spirit of TOS. One sec, gotta send this spec script to all of the terrible fan productions we're watching this week.

SkilTao said...