Thursday, July 07, 2016

17 to 01: Whom Gods Destroy

Spock is this world's greatest detective, but the competition isn't that stiff. Admittedly, this is one of my favorite episodes based solely on its comic book credentials.

Batman '66, as it's come to be called, was so popular it could demand consecutive Wednesday and Thursday night timeslots. Those back-to-back episodes were why there are so man two-part cliffhangers in the series. Like Star Trek, it also only enjoyed three seasons before cancellation.

This is why I hate Burn Notice.

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SkilTao said...

This might be the first episode to consistently use two-colored backgrounds in most of the shots. I especially like the blue and ...flesh tone?... backing Spock; probably a simple trick matching saturation or something, but it's nice.

Funny you should mention Batman; was that inspired by the Joker/Harley dynamic wait what she's Batgirl like seriously Batgirl, I don't really read comics but I would totally read a "Harleyquin is Batgirl" series
-Derek saying Michael Westin is the best spy in the world, is he saying Mike is... Batman?
-and Bruce Campbell is Robin?
-I love that they bothered to make sure the smoke Marta explodes into is green.

Y'know, I *was* wondering how much of Nimoy's acting here was great "nonchalant acting" and how much was him being peeved.

So THAT'S where G'Karr's "enlightened self interest" line comes from in Babylon 5! -and the uniform?!

I think the chair uses the same force field strait-jacket which had the warden suspended in air at the beginning of the ep.

Agreed on the Deadpool factor - kinda seems like there's an ongoing "godhood corrupts" theme in TOS. It is kind of disappointing that the other inmates get little characterization, ditto the mental illnesses and why they're so enamored with Garth, but trying to address any of that might detract from time Garth spends emoting; and anything which detracts from Garth's emoting seems like a net loss.

VanVelding said...

I never noticed the smoke is also green thats...staying on theme I guess.

I just posted about the uniforms on Babyon 5. It's a good uniform style to be honest and I like that Babylon 5 used/recreated it.

Dang, I never thought about the invisible force field we saw in the same episode being used for the chair. That makes so much sense.

Garth is great. I really like the character. It's just a weakness of the story that the supporting characters don't get more time. The godhood corrupts theme is definitely a TOS theme. It goes hand-in-hand with the way it eschews ease. Hard work and struggle breed virtue, which is a convenient belief for folks who are burning themselves out making a television show.

SkilTao said...

SkilTao: "I bid...a theme."
VanVelding: "I see your theme, and raise you a parallel to the staff's actual life."

I might not've won the hand, but it was still a really nice break in a week where my daily conversations were becoming overwhelmingly penny ante.

I realized right after posting that Burn Notice already did the "Bruce = Robin" joke; my bad. Your B5 uniform post is on delay, right? Looking forward to it. I haven't seen that show in... wow, just edging over a decade now.

VanVelding said...

Well, I'm glad I can help out. Gods know I'm starved for good conversation of all things--of all damned things--the best conversations I'm getting right now are with my boyfriend. Glad we can help each other out.

The Babylon 5 post is buried on my tumblr somewhere, which I'm currently in the process of burning down/gutting. The gist of it is that the uniforms are eerily similar. Not much to say about it to be honest.