Monday, June 20, 2016


As you know I do, I take notes during movies and the post them on the internet after the movie. This time it's Keanu. Notes from after the movie are italicized.

Kinda here based on the power of Key and Peele sketches.

I mean, sprinting v. running, but I'm still optimistic.


Lethal Weapon...okay.
Pet Cemetery--When did Denise Crosby do this? 1989.
The Nice Guys--Looks good. I mean, Shane Black so of course it seems cool.
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping--Is this an Andy Samberg A Lonely Island Movie. Ok, kinda sucks actually Bill Haeder is an American Treasure and I’m back.
The Dumb Food Movie--Ok. Fuck this. I hope this trailer does not include the orgy scene. Sausage Party. It’s called Sausage Party.

This is a flash forward, right? I was off for a sec, but yeah. Nice.

Okay not a flashback.

Aw, this cheating storyline is reeeal shitty…
It sucks; the nice guy as a cuckold trope sucks.
Cat Pictures: The Movie.
"The dudes that kicked my ass..." NYC v Detroit argument in LA

Hey, it's Will Forte! Didn't recognize him in the trailer.
Maybe Clarence isn’t behind that.
I’ve had this “100% wrong” conversation before.
Okay. Pretty straightforward story.

Amy Sedaris? Nope. Anna Ferris.
“Faith” scene in the van. This is nice.
Is George Michael dead? No and he did have a strong father figure in his life.
This is a fine movie.

Good job subverting the cuckold trope.

If you and your friend are both holding guns on the same guys and your friend shoots them all, say you got a few shots off. Don’t be shitty.

Hey, it’s Luis Guzm├ín!

Amazing. I like how this movie puts the world's most adorable cat on the same level as the Loc-Nar from Heavy Metal.

The flip!

Not sure about the jail though. That's fascinating. Maybe it's just keeping the movie grounded.


SkilTao said...

This is shorter than your usual. The movie was that empty, or that funny?

Pet Sematary: did not realize Denise Crosby was in this! Clearly, I need to watch more '80s B movies.

VanVelding said...

As a comedy, it doesn't bear a lot of analysis. I mean that in a good way. If it's entertaining then there's nothing to go on about. If it's unpretentious then there aren't any themes. "This movie pretends to extol the virtues of cat ownership but doesn't when you deconstruct it" is a really weird critique of something made by the guys who brought you "Family Matters Uncensored"

SkilTao said...

Hah, fair enough.