Thursday, June 02, 2016

17 to 01: The Mark of Gideon

You remember how we agreed on things last week? That's over. I'm gettin' better at gettin' over that. I really wanna focus on the PC/NPC divide and how it's exemplified in this episode. Also, Derek needs more imaginary story to make this imaginary story feel important.

This might be my first non-sexual use of the word "lick these balls." This might also be the episode that puts Season 3 under the NSFW tag on iTunes.

I got sprung a bit here and forgot there is totally a scene with Odona and Hodin where she's completely up on what's happening and lying the whole time. Sorry.

The Community episode was "Regional Holiday Music." Apparently Spoilers: JFK Dies is a Hulu series. Not Amazon. My bad. I'm also working on that thing where my sentences trail off like a question. Derek walked into my Wolverine rebuttal the comic was Star Trek/X-Men, released in 1996.

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SkilTao said...

People staring in the Enterprise's main screen IS STAR TREK BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL

Season 3 TOS seems to have really good eps and really bad eps with very little in between.

I do enjoy the arbitrary hexagonal rank patterns. And I'm glad you mentioned the senate hearings, I was wondering if Spock's diplomatic sassiness had something behind it.

Fact 1: Her people are never alone on beaches
Fact 2: Her people would kill/die to be alone
Conclusion: Must be lots of drownings.

Related to your PCs vs. NPCs thing: Kirk has shown, on multiple occasions, that he is willing to die (and take his ship and crew with him) for the sake of self-determination; and now, this woman is trying to do the exact same thing, and Kirk denies her of it.

Scotty vs the Gideons would be amazing.

Should I bother finding & reading Star Trek comics?

VanVelding said...

I hadn't really thought about it in that context, but yeah, the screen kinda is their forth wall.

Aw damn, we did miss the bit about reverse self-determination/destruction. That's a real good point. Damn.

I've only picked up a handful of Star Trek comics and I occasionally see some panels posted out of context on Tumblr. If they're great, I can't tell because I'm fundamentally unable to get over how everyone looks wrong. The movie-era TOS comics I remember as being good reads, but it's just that I could never find any as a kid. It's not really my style, but it's definitely worth torrenting a few before deciding to buy any.

SkilTao said...

Fair enough.